Larry Pierce's Evo Sporty Chopper


Several great motorcycle constructors in these United States promote their fab artistry under the Garage Company brand. With each company building some of the best-looking bikes imaginable, it can be difficult for the layperson to tell them apart. To add distinction to his moniker, Larry Pierce of Birmingham, Alabama, includes the "Customs" suffix on his shop's name. Larry's bikes are always custom, so the nom de plume is apropos.

If you don't recognize Larry's name, you might recognize his motorcycle. This stylish red and yellow Evo Sporty graced the cover on this year's Limpnickie Builder's Manual. That's Mr. Pierce popping a wheelie on his freedom machine. Larry is a regular reader and frequent contributor on the ChopCult forum, and a good friend, to boot. Larry and his wife Ashley travel the country regularly from their southern home to attend events on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.




We caught up with the Pierces last March at the Limpnickie Lot in Daytona Beach. Larry is a regular on the Lot, and his bikes draw good crowds at these tarmac socials. I asked Larry what makes this wheelie-poppin' chopper tick, and he tossed me the keys and told me to see for myself. With a twist of the switch—I'm proud to say I've never ridden a chopper that didn't have electric start—I scooted down the parking lot to snap photos. All I can say about my experience on Dixie Wrecked is this: I couldn't wheelie Larry's cover bike if you held a gun to my head. Larry, on the other hand, has more than enough nuts to get it up, and that's just the way his lovely wife Ashley likes it.

Thanks for letting me take a spin in your little southern belle, Larry, and thanks to Ashley for showing her money maker to me and all our friends.

See more of Larry's creations at Garage Co. Customs

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Commented on 3-18-2011 At 05:28 am

Larry is Rad!

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 06:52 am

That bike IS a trip to ride that's for sure. Larry just wheels it around and enjoys the hell out of it.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 08:12 am

Larry is the man. Keep the bikes coming! Also the laughs with the rest of the Haints!! Tim

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 09:33 am


Commented on 3-18-2011 At 10:50 am

well done larry! thanks for letting me ride that beast at barbers! see you soon

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 11:25 am

The twisted top motor mount looks awesome, love the way the way the sissy bar changes profile at the mounting bungs simple but smart. He's got some skills.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 12:54 pm

That's just BAD ASS. PERIOD.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 01:53 pm

I'd say it'a very novel reinterpretation of chopperdom's past,
if anybody were to ask.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 01:55 pm

WTF is a Garage Co Customs..........ha ha Larry is a killer dude!!!

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 02:01 pm

Looking at the Garageco gallery, i'm seeing some very slick color design on their
bikes.Sets them off from the usual.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 02:35 pm

Larry & Ashley are real good people, It was great to see them.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 02:54 pm

awesome bike. love the color scheme and i REALLY like that frame!

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 04:14 pm

just one of the many badass bike's from Larry, see ya a BMR

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 06:15 pm

it was very cool reading about this bike in cycle source and then being able to see it in person at the lot...beautiful bike!

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 08:04 pm

Thanks dudes. I appreciate all the kind words. Just wanna give a shout out to my boy Stewie!! He's a big part of everything that comes out of our shop. Now, everyone needs to bring there asses to the Dixie Roundup chopper show April 30th with Dice party to follow.

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 04:44 am

definitly gonna make the roundup. not alot of chopper freaks her in west al and east miss. we should have a small crew for the ride. cant wait.

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 05:55 am

As with most of their don't do em justice. As Larry said, get down here for the Dixie Roundup on April 30th!!!!

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 10:44 am

Wish I was closer so I could hit up that show. Would love to see that bike in person. The paint and design on your bike is phenomenal.

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 11:23 pm

That looks very driveable! I like it a lot and I am not even a Sportster fan. Yet.

Commented on 3-20-2011 At 10:28 am

I've always thought "Dixie Wrecked" would be a great stripper name for a southern belle

Commented on 3-20-2011 At 04:33 pm

I have been lucky enuff to see this bike in person and spend time with the guys at Garage Co, the bike is amazing and the guys at the shop are great. All their bikes are super sick!

Commented on 3-23-2011 At 03:12 pm

Met this guy and some other cats on the side of 95 in Daytona, got a chance to ride with em for a short bit. Badass Bike for shure

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 07:58 pm

that bike looks better in person!

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 06:40 am

love the bike the lines and angles are just rad

Commented on 5-9-2011 At 07:17 pm

dig the tiller bars, paint is sik, love the raised moulding on the tank 2

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 01:46 pm

How are those tiller bars? I mean while riding?

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