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Motorcycles are nothing more than meaningless machines to most people, but if you are reading this article then I am willing to bet you love those machines as much as life itself. Most of us would love to work in an industry where we could be around motorcycles as our profession, but sometimes life just doesn’t work in our favor.


Sam Andrews is proof that motorcycles can be a part of one’s everyday life. He is the Service Manager for one of the largest Harley Davidson dealers in the Dallas, Texas area by day and, like many of us, a blood crazed chopper enthusiast by night.



The chopper craze started for Sam about 4 years ago when he picked up a stock 1971 Ironhead that had seen better days. He rode the hell out of the bike for the first summer until the transmission locked up. His chopper dreams were put on hold. That would be the end of the original version of the bike. Over the next few years, the bike has gone through several changes to get the bike exactly the way Sam wanted it.


Sam turned to his friend, Dean Holmes, to work out the transmission issues and, while the motor was out of the bike, he decided to do a few modifications to the frame. Sam turned to his longtime friend and mentor, Jamie Gessling, to assist with hardtailing and smoothing out the frame. The next item on the agenda was to have BA Abston, at BA’s powder coating, shoot gloss black on the frame and rear fender for a fresh clean look. Sam then had Jamie do a one-off custom paint job using a Roth Mind Splitter Flake with candy green lace patterns.


Sam got the bike all back together and rode it like that for a good while until he and Jamie decided to do a small rebuild of the bike. It was the beginning of 2014 and the plan started to develop, but things took a turn for the worse and Sam lost Jamie. He got a call one morning and was told that Jamie had passed away. The bike was the last of his worries. Sam had lost his best friend and mentor and it shattered his world. He didn’t even want to look at the bike much less finish it, so the bike was left alone for a few months.


It took some time, but Sam decided to finish the bike in honor of his lost brother and moved forward. He pulled off the front end and had buddy Rob Taylor turn the lower legs while Sam and his father Greg smoothed out the triple trees and lastly, had them chromed. Sam finished the modifications on the bike by adding an 18” rear wheel, a new set of H bars from Biltwell and some new rubber. Sam will always treasure this bike as it is a constant reminder of his lost friend. Sam and Jamie had plans on attending Born Free 6, so Sam kept his promise and made it out to California with his buddy in spirit.


Sam would like to thank everyone who has helped with the bike along the way. He would especially like to thank his wife, Ashley, and his father, Greg, for the ongoing support. He thanks Dean Holmes, BA Abston, Rob Taylor and, of course, his dear late friend Jamie Gessling. Jamie will forever be remembered for teaching Sam so much and for introducing him to the madness of choppers. Lastly, he thanks Chop Cult for giving him the opportunity to feature his bike.



Owner name, location: Sam Andrews ,Denison, Texas

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1971 Ironhead Andrews Y Cams, Wiseco Pistons, Mild Head Work and CV Carb



Frame: Hardtailed Stock Frame

Fork: Stock 33.4 mm Shaved, smoothed and chromed trees and lower legs



Chassis mods: Powdercoated Gloss Black Heavily Modified Santee Hardtail

Tire/wheel size and style: Front 21" Spool & Avon Speedmaster, Rear 18" Sportster Wheel & Firestone Deluxe Champion



Favorite thing about this bike: The Paint. The tank was done by my best friend Jamie Geesling. It's by far one of my most treasured possessions.

Next modification will be: Replacing the fuel tank so I can hang this one on the wall.



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Comment with Chopcult (18)

Commented on 1-8-2015 At 04:53 pm

killer bike and a great feature

Commented on 1-8-2015 At 05:58 pm

I've always dug that bike. Nice write up, nice bike!

Commented on 1-8-2015 At 10:04 pm

Beautiful bike Sam. I'm sure Jamie would love it. Great pictures and enjoyable read.

Commented on 1-9-2015 At 08:45 am

Sweet ironhead. Great job and even better story!

Commented on 1-9-2015 At 08:49 am

Very inspiring. I am looking forward to getting my Ironhead back up on the road.

Commented on 1-9-2015 At 09:44 pm

Nice and skinny. Great stance

Commented on 1-10-2015 At 06:09 pm

Really nice scoot !!
You and your crew should be proud.
And I agree with you about finding another tank to preserve your friend Jamies'
stellar work.

Commented on 1-10-2015 At 09:51 pm

Wow! Finally somebody has achieved the perfect look of an Ironhead chop. I've looked at bikes for years and no matter how well they were done it just seemed that something, something wasn't right. There it is in this bike, it's the lower fork legs, BAMM, fat reduction, makes it all draw together and streamlined, sleek, nimble, fast. I can't get over looking at it, it's almost perfection in that Indian Larry sort of way.

Commented on 1-10-2015 At 10:09 pm

How can I get a picture profile shot of this bike to hang on my shop wall?

Commented on 1-12-2015 At 12:06 am

Very cool Ironhead. I have to agree that the proportions are spot-on on this one.Love the 18 out back and the (not-too-far) forwards. Killer.

Commented on 1-12-2015 At 11:03 am

Thank you everyone for the kind words on the bike! It's awesome to hear great words on something we put so much time and energy into. Especially coming from an area where a bike like mine gets little attention versus big wheel baggers and even stock style motorcycles.

Commented on 1-13-2015 At 06:45 am

Great bike. Wasn't this one on the classifieds last winter?

Commented on 1-14-2015 At 10:03 am

Yes it was. I was in a hard spot last year and now I'm glad it worked itself out. If I can control it this bike will never leave my possession.

Commented on 1-22-2015 At 05:29 am

Too Kool For Skool!
My first Harley was a 71 XLH. It was cantankerous for sure
RIP Jamie

Commented on 1-30-2015 At 01:51 pm

Nice work and a great tribute to your friend. You can call it the Jamester.

Commented on 2-8-2015 At 06:14 pm

Beautiful bike man.

Commented on 2-8-2015 At 06:15 pm

Beautiful bike man.

Commented on 12-15-2016 At 12:01 pm

Even though I ride a Sportster and have a hell of a time doing it, I've never been crazy about Ironhead or Sporty chops. I don't really know why... but I guess I've always had big twin envy hahaha. I've gotta say I love this bike. It's sleek and nimble looking with just the right amount of detail and chopper charm! Great job on the build. It looks super fun!!!

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