Kickin' back in Paul Skura's Garage


The Tecates are cold, the sun is shining, and bikes are being worked on. I must be at Paul Skura's house in San Diego, California. There are no less than four bikes in various stages of builds and a hot rod in the driveway.



Not only does Paul have some cool bikes, but he turns out to be a genuinely all-around nice guy. Let's face it - there are some pretentious people in motorcycling. What I find in Paul Skura is a down to earth dude, who is a machinist by trade, loves to hang out with friends, builds choppers and just enjoys life with his cool girlfriend, Sanna. Speaking of Sanna; she is building her own Ironhead chopper with Paul. The goal is to have it road-ready for Born Free 8.



His Shovelhead seen here, has a cool family history as Paul's Dad built the bike in another of its iterations many moons ago. Being able to showcase that personal history is what ChopCult is all about.



Owner name, location: Paul Skura, San Diego, CA

ChopCult Member profile: Skura1414

Bike name: Pan Halen



Engine, year, and make, model, modifications: 1957 Harley Panhead, 74ci, STD cases and heads , ratchet top 4 speed

Frame:  Paughco Wishbone



Forks: 4" over narrow glide. I turned down the legs to rid them of anything silly like reflectors, fender mounts, or brake stays

Chassis mods: welded tabs on the bottom for my mids

Tire/wheel size and style: 21" spool in front, 18" rear



Favorite thing about this bike: Everything about it. I love the way it looks and I feel comfortable enough to ride it anywhere, as long as I strap enough gas to it.

Next modification will be: I change the bars on a weekly basis, so I assume that.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Wassell ribbed fender, Lee clutch pedal, Lowbrow peanut tank, the rad old seat that I got from a buddy at work forever ago, Stock bars off my girlfriend's Dyna that I sectioned and shortened.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  I originally built this bike for my dad, a few years back, and then talked him into selling it to me.



Thanks to: Of course, my father, for selling the bike to me and teaching me everything I know about bikes, my girlfriend, Sanna, for always wanting to ride and being patient during the multiple gas stops, T-bone, from Blue Collar Choppers, for building a bulletproof motor and transmission, my brothers, Adam and Brian, for the help building the bike, Mark Hicks for the wiring, Anthony for threading the mids, and all my buddies, Colin, Burd, etc., that are as obsessed with choppers as I am.




Owner name, location: Paul Skura, San Diego, CA

ChopCult Member profileSkura1414

Bike name: Ketchup



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1976 Harley Shovelhead engine and transmission

Frame: Old Paughco straight leg

Forks: Mid 70's narrow glide shaved and adapted for an Ironhead drum front brake.



Chassis mods: mounts for mid controls

Tire/wheel size and style: 21" front with drum, 16" rear

Favorite thing about this bike: The old Wassell tank that my brother Adam painted for it that will never be painted over.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Homemade risers, mid controls, pipes, jockey handle, shift knob, sissy bar. Carnival bars Wassell tank.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  My dad originally built this bike, almost 20 years ago, in his living room. I had an Ironhead at the time and got rid of it to get this shovel. This bike has been through countless makeovers and thousands of miles and I love it.



Thanks to: My dad for the bike, my girlfriend Sanna, my little brother Adam for the tank paint job, Burd at Carnival for the perfect bars, and Mark Hicks for the wiring. - Paul


Instagram @PaulSkura /@Cylinderella

Photos by Jeff Lisowski /The Hard Road

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Commented on 6-12-2016 At 10:27 pm

Sweet bikes!

Commented on 6-13-2016 At 02:26 am

perfect bikes

Commented on 6-13-2016 At 06:46 am

This culture has very few truly genuine people in it and Paul is defiantly one of them. The bikes, the hospitality, the attitude, the style and the humbleness is why I look up to this guy. Thanks for being you...

Commented on 6-17-2016 At 12:41 am

Nice rides-inspirational.

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