Josh's Yamaha XS650 Custom

For a well-known custom painter you might think Josh Scott from Old School Helmets would have a more outlandish paint scheme on his personal bike. No stranger to complex paint jobs, this time around Josh just stuck with the basics. The low-key paint, classic Firestones and slammed stance all contribute to a perfect compact stance.



Owner/Location: Josh Scott - Temecula, Calif.


Bike name: Nameless


Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1979 Yamaha XS650 - Mikuni 34mm roundslide carbs


Frame: Modified stock


Fork: Stock, lowered


Chassis mods: Shaved tabs, rear seat hoop removed, stripped then powdercoated


Tire/wheel size and style: Stock 19" front wheel, stock 16" rear wheel, 400-19 firestone front, 500-16 firestone rear


Favorite thing about this bike: Riding position and overall clean look of the bike


Next modification will be: None


Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Cutup beach cruiser bicycle bars, cocktail mufflers, handmade side covers & seat pan/upholstery, Lowbrow P nut tank, hidden ignition toggle, headlight hi-low toggle, custom paint by OSH


Thanks to: My wife and kids

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Commented on 11-5-2012 At 05:59 am

Super tight and clean. Love it!

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 07:36 am

This bike is perfect.I don't know what we would do with our time if the factories could build them this clean. My old lady would be grateful.

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 12:26 pm

Super sweet, I really like the stance on this bike; especially, keeping the swing arm, it just looks lean and mean! It's rather insperational...

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 05:35 pm

i just love seeing the old jap bikes out again- especially when people make them their own! Seems like you didn't see them for years around here(Midwest), but the economy & gas prices have really brought them out of the backs of peoples garages. Hopefully, a lot of people will see this for inspiration to modify theirs!

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 06:58 pm

That is a really nice looking bike.

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 09:02 pm

Man, what a spectacular looking ride. I'm not one for fatty tires but somehow it just looks right here. This ride just exudes all business and no fluff.

Commented on 11-5-2012 At 10:25 pm

Totally clean. I like how simple it is!

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 11:19 am

That's great, very tastefully done!

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 11:40 am

Zip-tied on front tank mount: pure class. :P

Seriously though, love this bike. Clean, simple, humble.

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 02:39 pm

I dig it; looks like fun to ride. The simple paint scheme is understated and classy. Almost looks like Yamaha should have made them this way from the factory. Reminds me of the old saying, "factory trick is the most trick of all."

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 07:32 pm

Super clean. Love it.

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 08:35 pm

thanks for the nice words about my bike! last minute tank chabge hence the zip tie... mounting bung coming soon;-)

i really dig the japanese shop called Gravel Crew if you havent noticed! i wanted the bike to look like someone took a stocker and just smushed it into a tight little package. that is also why i chose an emblem for the tank. reminded me of a factory bike. thanks again.... josh

Commented on 11-6-2012 At 08:45 pm

Dig the factory tank emblem. I have been of the opinion that factory tank emblems/decals etc, particularly old/NOS ones placed over new, classy paint will be the new metal flake.

You heard/saw it here first.

Commented on 11-7-2012 At 03:45 pm

I like the fatty tires. I'm going to do something like that to mine if they'll work on mags. I would like to know where you found those sweet mufflers. I've been undecided about the direction I wanted to go with my exhaust. Now I know.

Commented on 11-8-2012 At 09:55 pm

Really diggin it. As an owner of an xs650 and an xs400, it's really cool to see such a huge following. Nicely done.

Commented on 11-18-2012 At 01:12 am

Im working on a 78 xs myself but this is one of the best looking ones i have ever seen

Commented on 11-27-2012 At 03:44 pm

That's damn nice Josh!

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