Jon's '62 Triumph T120


We saw this nifty swingarm Triumph at the SoCal Chop Meet a couple years ago. Since then it's been around several times, but Bill's never been able to pin down its owner to do a proper ChopCult feature. With the formula for hardtail Triumphs well sorted by now, seeing a great-looking custom with the rear suspension intact seems quite rare.

At BF3 Bill finally met face to face with Jon, the owner of this tidy Trumpet. Here's what Jon could tell us about his bike:



Owner: Jon Rispante

Home: Las Vegas, NV

Bike name: Grasshopper

Engine year, make and model; modifications: 1962 Triumph T-120 Bonneville, stock rebuild

Frame:  Stock Duplex

Fork: Stock 1965 Triumph, chromed with MCM covers

Chassis mods: Rear frame loop pinched and kicked up

Tire/wheel size and style: Front: 19" rim with small 1965 T-100 brake and 3.25-19 Avon Speedmaster; Rear: stock 18" with 4.00-18" Goodyear Grasshopper

Favorite thing about this bike: Everything

Next modification will be: No mods, just needed repairs from hard use

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Lots of chrome, MCM TT pipes, Flanders high bars, Bates TT seat, spiked desert sled pegs, modified Sparto taillight to fit chromed/ribbed rear fender, Wassell peanut tank

Interesting back story: I had fun resurrecting this one. It was originally customized around 1965, then parked in the '70s. It's been in continuous use for about the last ten years with no real issues. Grasshopper has been quite good to me. We have seen many miles together, with many more to come. Out of all the different bikes I've owned over the years, this one is by far my favorite

Thanks: My friend David Zivot for telling me about the bike, Ed Glinski for selling it to me, my father Jim for helping me get it going, and my friend Chris Clark of  for the recent Grasshopper paint job on the tank

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Commented on 7-1-2011 At 11:18 am

Been seeing this little gem around, too. Totally dig it. With the way moto trends go, everything starts to look the same no matter how great the craftsmanship, so to see something truly different is refreshing! Added bonus... it is awesome to know it is ridden and ridden often!!!

Commented on 7-1-2011 At 04:48 pm

I like it alot. Its a pair of mx bars away from me saying I love it.

Commented on 7-2-2011 At 08:13 pm

Rad bike I have seen it in person several times. Jon has a quiver of really nice Triumphs.

Commented on 7-3-2011 At 08:55 pm

dude that thing is bad ass!!

Commented on 7-4-2011 At 09:43 pm

Love this bike.

Commented on 7-11-2011 At 09:17 pm

This is, without a doubt, one of the most righteous Triumphs that I've ever seen. It's a real nice change of pace to see a swingarm that's still intact and functioning...and, It fits the theme perfectly! After all, It's gotta be chill. Right?

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 10:02 am

I always loved British bikes and this is a perfect example why by far one of the best looking triumphs i have ever seen

Commented on 9-20-2013 At 09:16 am

Saw this bike in The Horse a few years back. I've been looking for more pics and info ever since. This is my absolute favorite triumph I've ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous.

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