Jeremy Schaub's '45 Magnum


I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy at the War Run II last year and, through a few conversations, realized that not only is he a good dude, but he lived in damn near the same neighborhood as I do!



After one trip to his house, I knew that we had to get one of his bikes behind the lens; trouble was, picking which one. Imagine walking in the door to your house right now. Most of us have a similar set up, kitchen, dining room, living room, etc., but now imagine that where the plates go, there are headlights and air cleaners in the cabinets. Where the dining room table is, there’s a transmission torn apart, a couple sets of lights, handlebars, and tools. Where the pictures hang on the wall, there are four or five survivor gas tanks hanging over a 45 Magnum chopper. Not to mention the freshly-built shovel or the panhead project that affectionately takes residence in the kitchen as well.



After talking for a while, we decided on shooting the Magnum, not only for the simple fact that she was together, but because I had never seen one, and dug the bike. One look at it and you can tell it’s been ridden for quite a while. There’s a lot of character to the bike, from the zipties to the engine, and everywhere in between. I’m glad that we were able to capture it while it was still together. More recently, she was stripped down and was undergoing a rehabilitation phase to freshen things up and throw down some miles on her. Big thanks to Jeremy for letting me snap a few pictures, and can’t go without thanking Lisa and the team at Chopcult. You guys kill it out there, thanks for all you do. -Austen


Owner name, location: Jeremy Schaub, Norfolk, VA

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: It is a 1945 "45 Magnum" It is a 45" bottom end mated with an ironhead top end.



Frame: Unknown year and I don't know enough to tell if it is an original 45 frame or not.

Fork: Old chrome girder

Chassis mods: Raked and modified to fit the taller ironhead top end



Tire/wheel size and style: 21” front with a mini drum and a 16” drum brake rear

Favorite thing about this bike: That it survived unmolested for decades and I love that I won't run into another one on the local runs. It's good to be different.



Next modification will be: It's already torn down for the rebuild. I plan on replacing the worn out stuff, swapping the super B for an E, and upgrade bearings and parts where I can without compromising the original look of the bike.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Bates seat, completely rebuilt mag, and coming soon custom made riserless buckhorns with elk hide grips.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Undocumented history is that I'm the 4th owner of the bike. The guy I got it from had it about a year. He bought it from the long time friend of the guy who had it built. The bike was built in California by a guy who was known for building magnums. Lol.


Thanks to my wife for finally giving in and letting me fill the garage with toys!-Jeremy

Article and photographs by Austen Gant / @gantman

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Commented on 5-29-2018 At 03:04 pm

Always like seeing Odd-Ball shi .... stuff !!!

With seeing oil burnt on the pipes sure gives it the look that this beast sees the road a lot...

I have a wonder if the Fella's name that built the motor is Duncan Keller ..???

Commented on 6-7-2018 At 04:59 am

wow nice bike

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