Inside: The Tiger Shack of Orange, California

Orange, California is becoming the hub for small shops catering to the motorcycle industry. The newest shop located on Batavia St. is The Tiger Shack, owned and operated by Ryan Mullion. Ryan started wrenching a few years back between Circle City Hot Rods and Classic Cycles. His calm demeanor and attention to details will bring him much success in the upcoming years. 


Name: Ryan Mullion


Location: Orange, Ca


Small bio: My Mom"s family was always into bikes and racing, both my uncles raced bikes in the 60's and 70's. I always like the old pics and going for rides with my uncle when I was young. I got my first bike in 1989 and still have it today, I'm just too fat to ride it now. I started working for Classic Cycles about 6 or so years ago at night when I was building my orange bike. It was good and I learned a lot from Tony and Andy. Last March, I realized I needed a change in life and was on the verge of walking away from motorcycles. So I quit Classic and was helping a buddy out at his hot rod shop, where I had worked before Classic. Within 2 weeks I had a bunch of people calling me to fix there bikes. I had 5 bikes in the garage at home when my wife said that maybe I should open a shop. We found a spot close to home and The Tiger Shack was born. We do full builds, service, custom fab work and machining, motor builds, tuning and free advice. 


How many years have you been working in the motorcycle industry? 6


What engines do you prefer to work on and why? I prefer Triumphs over other British bikes the most. There seems to be a lot more of them and parts are easy to get.


How many builds do you have going on in the shop at the moment? Right now I've got 3 road race bikes, my land speed bike, 1 restoration and 1 custom build. I do service also, but full builds and race bikes are a lot more fun for me.


Any employees? My brother helps out on the weekends around the shop. Sometimes you just need another set of hands and he's family.


What's your favorite peice of equipment? My mill

Noticed you are building a bike for yourself for Bonneville. Can you give us the lowdown?  I've been buying parts and building the bike for a few years now. The factory metal works built me a chromoly frame to my specs which will help a lot, it only weights 23 pounds! Last month I got fitted for my leathers at Bates, so now I have to get this thing done before I out grow them! It's a unit 500 triumph motor, but the way I had the frame built I can put just about any triumph motor in it because I did the motor mounts like a Norton Featherbed frame, if I want to run other classes in the future.


Do you have a hobby outside of work? I like shooting my guns, it's a great release 


Anyone you would like to thank? My wife Sara for the help and support, and my family, who help out any way they can. Everyone who comes in my doors, to check the place out or to have work done, with out them I wouldn't have anything to work on.

The Tiger Shack is on Facebook and Instagram if you like seeing stuff built on a regular basis.

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Commented on 3-15-2013 At 11:53 am

Best of luck with the new venture.

Commented on 3-16-2013 At 11:25 am

Ryan is a great dude with a great beard. His shop always has cool stuff going on.

Not just triumph stuff...

I even got a lot of olde tyme harley parts off of him!

Commented on 3-16-2013 At 11:25 am

Ryan is a great dude with a great beard. His shop always has cool stuff going on.

Not just triumph stuff...

I even got a lot of olde tyme harley parts off of him!

Commented on 3-16-2013 At 06:13 pm

Ryan is drop dead sexy

Commented on 3-17-2013 At 03:55 pm

Sexy and drop dead features - Love that man non like a brother....

Commented on 3-17-2013 At 10:10 pm

I've gotta check this place out.

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 10:45 am

I keep hearing good things about this shop. I'll have to visit one of these days.

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