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I'm sure the majority of the audience here on Chop Cult knows who Indian Larry is and how he tragically left us in 2004. Since then I have often stopped to wonder who is behind the brand now? Is it a faceless corporation? Some fat cat? Do they do more than hawk t-shirts? Well I was pleased when I found out... Larry's legacy is carried on by some of his closest friends and they do a lot more than sell t-shirts. Indian Larry Motorcycles today is running a proper full on chopper shop Larry himself would be proud of, and producing a line of builder parts that exude the traditional hot rod chopper style that was Larry's signature.


Elisa and Bobby Seeger own and operate ILM, they were part of Larry's inner circle long before his TV fame and they stuck with him through it all.  Elisa was actually Larry's manager flying around the country with him attending more than 60 shows in the 2 years preceding his death.

Elisa probably had more face time with him, than many did in a life time. Bobby was Larry's business partner back in the pre TV days and he stayed on to support him as Larry launched into Discovery channel and Biker Build off stardom. Both Bobby and Elisa made a choice in those years to stay behind the scenes and support Larry.


Now in his absence Bobby is the front man for the brand and this lively and candid New Yorker is up to the task. For a guy that owns a brand recognized world wide I sure dug his commonsense and down to earth attitude. As we cussed our way through the interview for this story Bobby said "I like to drink coffee and bullshit... we don't try to piss anyone off, and we don't try to please them all either". Sounds like words to live by.

So the question cross and Larry's legacy are in good hands with these folks. I'm impressed with their latest Sportster build and a new line of parts for the Sportster crowd.  I was pleased to see many hard part offerings on the all new Indian Larry Motorcycles website. Now that I got to know the people behind this iconic chopper brand you can be sure I'll be scoping their website for parts to include a "Question Cross" on my next build.


If you’re in NYC be sure to drop in the shop its welcoming staff are worth the visit and you can see some of Larry's signature bikes like the "Greasy Monkey" and "Daddy-O" in the flesh. (No they are not for sale). I would like to thank Bobby and Elisa for hosting the departure for our East Coast to LA ride.


Please check out thier website, facebook page and give em a follow on Instagram.

Big thanks to Debbie Fitch for the stellar photography. 

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Commented on 5-30-2013 At 07:58 am

great to see them carrying the name on i was privileged enough to see some of Larry's bikes in person and it is just amazing how much detail went into his bikes you could look them over for hours and still miss some things. Rest in peace Indian Larry lost but never forgotten

Commented on 5-30-2013 At 08:59 am

These guys are my neighbors and are all awesome dudes! Before I ever considered moving to NYC, I always loved seeing IL on TV during the biker build off shows. He was the epitome of cool, especially bombing down the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan on a handbuilt motorcycle. I like that they still contribute to the bike scene and continue to make motorcycles the way Indian Larry would've. Anyone in Brooklyn should stop by their shop and say hello and check it out.

Commented on 5-30-2013 At 11:57 am

Still kickin it should be. Great work, good folks, sick rides.

Commented on 5-30-2013 At 04:49 pm

Rip Larry Desmedt. I still have the mystery chain street chopper feature and the horse mag issue dedicated to him! Such a big influence and a legend. He was a humble dude. Condolences to Bambi Paul Cox and Keino.

Commented on 5-30-2013 At 04:49 pm

Rip Larry Desmedt. I still have the mystery chain street chopper feature and the horse mag issue dedicated to him! Such a big influence and a legend. He was a humble dude. Condolences to Bambi Paul Cox and Keino.

Commented on 5-30-2013 At 05:49 pm

Great write-up Bear!!

Commented on 5-31-2013 At 05:19 am

Bobby and Ellisa Seeger are two of the finest people you could ever hope to meet, Not only are they running the place the way Indian Larry himself dreamed of, but they have done so many miraculous things in jus the past year alone , that I'm honored to call them friends, with the building of bikes Larry would be proud to put his name on, and the truly awesome quality of their aftermarket parts, but in saving countless children's lives in the future by pushing a bill thru congress to require ALD screening for newborns in New York, and hopefully soon, the nation, in the name of their wonderful son Aidan who left us all last year, but NEVER left our hearts, Yes , Aidan STILL has a posse, but it's HIM that is watching out for us now. Everytime I see a butterfly or see a dime in an unusual way or place, I think of that "Blue-Eyed Ruler" who singlehandedly brought together a nation of bikers and parents. Yep, I am DAMN proud to call them friends, and Thanks Aidan for all you gave us and the world with your smiles.

Commented on 6-11-2013 At 02:48 pm

Kick ass man good to see the shop still up and running. one of Larry's last stop was at our shop, man it was so cool of him to stop in and just hang out for a bit.

Commented on 6-11-2013 At 05:33 pm

This is just fuckintabulous to see the crew keeping the legacy alive. Enjoyed the write up and the pictures.

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