HOTP: Greasy Kulture Issue 73

Greasy Kulture Magazine issue 73 features Tony Homchan and his hard-ridden Panhead chopper – from sunny Leeds in the north of England – on the cover.


Dr Sprocket tells the story of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's fascination with motorcycles, the amazing machines he built – and how it all ended in disaster with a fire in the backyard at 'Roth Studios'. [Photos: Rich Ostrander]


Matt Waln was happy with his mile-munching chopper's Shovelhead powerplant until he came across his dream Panhead motor, at a price he couldn't ignore... [Photos: Shane Spencer]


Gareth Howell wanted a Harley for tearing up the country roads near his home in Thailand: he got what he wanted... this hot rod WLK is almost too hot to handle! [Photos: Oat Rujeraprapa]


Yasu was a member of one of Japan's most notorious bike gangs; when he came to build this Shovel, little wonder it ended up in vintage 'club style'. [Photos: Mochi/Suntee]


Mick De Rocker's gone one step further than most – his award-winning Pan-Shovel is rigid both ends. But if you think this bike's just a show pony, you're way off... [Photos: Jonny Wilson]


When your dad's a vintage Harley collector and builder, chances are you're going to end up with a pretty cool bike to ride to school! Brandon Whitehurst built this Pan with his old man, Paul. [Photos: Mark Kawakami]


Why are the builders at the Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show able to create such masterpieces? Our man in Japan offers some insights. [Photos: Paul Watkins]


Good to see youngsters building such nice bikes. Luke Wallace is only 23 and this '55 pre-unit Triumph – his first build – is pretty damned cool. [Photos: Wilson Murphy]


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