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The frustration of the work week had filled every crusty crevice and the first few miles were like an anger filled episode. Cussing at the boss, flipping off the man going east as we chased the fiery sun to the Pacific Oceans edge. The crisp wind biting at your neck, helmet strap tapping its tune…We got a destination in mind and a deadline to get there. The angry miles faded slowly and the tunes of yesteryear started to fill my helmet and penetrate my ear drums. Thoughts of warm summer days on the beach with my bros and all the good lookin’ California women out showing off their hard work in the gym. The long winters and late nights of wrenching to get the old chopper in shape are finally paying off. The time has come, and the Basket Case Magazine crew has done it again. Issue number four kicks off with some of the finest women and the baddest bikes around. The pages are stuffed with recent memories for some, and daydreams for others. That old saying rings true, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the adventure getting there.” Around every corner is a new adventure and the same goes for the pages inside issue number four. Did I mention this issue permeates with the smell of Northern California skunk weed? Yup, it’s the four twenty issue. FIRE IT UP!



Redwood Roll III

Lee Bender takes you on a ride never to be forgotten. The lyrical genius combined with images from his sacred Northwest will leave you breathless. The Redwood Roll is a take on the decades old Redwood Run, but the two could not be further apart on the spectrum. Greasy motorcycles ridden hard, twisting through the biggest redwood trees you could ever imagine. The road goes on for miles and the event always ends slowly with different riders trickling off at their individual ends.



Alan Berg

Holly sat down with Alan Berg recently to get the skinny on his latest artwork. We talk shop, motorcycles, long rides and life in general. This dude’s artwork is top notch and it’s no wonder he is blowing up the scene lately.



Rick Jantz’s ‘67

First let’s talk about the bike. The attention to detail on this build from Rick (@unklerick) is tremendous. The motor, frame and trans on this bike are period correct. The one off clamps he built, the wheels, the chopper goodies of course just add to the mix. But most importantly is that he rides this bike. A lot. We can all appreciate a bike that is built to ride. Rick has done just that. We teamed Rick up with a very classy lady named Marissa (@get_jaded) and well…the rest is history. You don’t want to miss out on this one. TRUST ME.


Ramble On

To be able to just drop everything, saddle up and ride away is a fantasy that I am sure exists in the minds of most of us. The daily drivel and monotony is at times enough to drive a man insane. Curtis Morgan had the balls to fulfill that fantasy. HE FUCKING DID IT!!! And guess what, a small portion of his collection of images from his adventures over the years are stuffed into the pages of issue number four. Lots of friendly faces and campfire stories all packed neatly into our photographer feature.



The Picturebooks Interview

From the first time I saw these guys play, I knew they had something special going. The energy on stage during their performance is enchanting to say the least. Fynn Grabke and Phillipp Mirtschink have been friends since day one. Their souls are entwined and the music they create together is the type that plays in your head mile after mile and keeps you smiling. Josh was able to talk with them about their journey to get to where they are at today. We had an idea to bring back an old school cereal box trick. We put our minds together and came up with the flexi disc that you will find stuffed into the pages of every copy of issue number four. The flexi disc is a record. It’s a solo song we pressed onto a post card that you can play on any record player. The song we choose to press on the disc is called “Zero Fucks Given” and it’s from the new album, “Home is a Heartache.” Make sure you drop a coin on the flexi disc to give it some weight so it doesn’t slip.



Jokers MF

Often it is said the good things come in small packages.Most of the time those “small packages” are larger than life. The amount of character, love and brotherhood that the 6 dudes from the Jokers MF share is immeasurable. Their bikes are meticulous, they dabble in cars as well. But the main thing about the Jokers that I find fascinating is their tight knit club and how they run on very few rules. They each know their role, they know what to do and how to hold themselves. In today’s MC culture, these things don’t always come naturally. I had a blast getting to know the Jokers MF and I am sure you will leave this interview with the same feelings.



You can purchase your copy here.


Josh, Holly, and Ian

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Commented on 5-13-2017 At 09:29 am

Great job guys!

Commented on 5-22-2017 At 11:56 am

Great job again! Missed the rollout party, so went ahead and got a subscription - although I live within a mile or so of them.

Commented on 6-9-2017 At 10:22 am

Great name for a motorcycle mag... Reminds me of the board I created and named years ago on Facebook that I added you and Dwayne to. Way to be original!

Commented on 6-9-2017 At 12:13 pm

Hipsters no imagination

Commented on 5-15-2018 At 04:16 am


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