Hippy Killer 2012


Year one, the Hippy Killer Hoedown was held in Kutty Noteboom's backyard. It was pretty apparent that it couldn't be contained there for year two, so the Wild West Arena in Winchester, California was the logical move. In 2011 it was hot as hell, but well attended. Generally, So Cal weather is pretty predictable, but this year proved a challenge with a solid downpour the night before the event. The DicE party went on Friday night anyway and the HK crew spread mulch about the event site to keep the mud from getting too bad. Lots of clouds threatened Saturday, but mostly only resulted in a couple light showers. Plenty of riders poured in anyway, eager for hot rods, vendors, cold beer and lots of choppers to look at. They were rewarded with mild temps and good times. We jammed over for a couple hours and shot several feature bikes, and as usual walked the parking area to document the machines riders came in on. Here's a few pics and there are more to come.


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Commented on 4-16-2012 At 09:37 am

those bumper guards on the van are from my fitty dodge mordor , lol ...sure wish i would have made it out , fucking leaking petcock !!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 09:51 am

Sweet! Glad someone got some healthy bike pics!

That '76 Triumph for sale was a bargain. If you're okay with shifting the bike on the wrong side. Be a sweet runner as is.

Slim's bike is rad! I can't wait to see that thing in action!

Pretty cool show!


Commented on 4-16-2012 At 11:03 am

stoked my IH is on here. great show with a fun ride out to it. it was my first time riding my chop to a show.

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 11:11 am

Good times. Wish I could have gone. Good to see some bike pics for sure!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 11:11 am

Thanks for gettin a couple nice pics of my scoots on there! Man what a great time! Can't wait to get back down there again!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 12:02 pm

Bummed as shiz I couldn't make it!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 12:05 pm

Kick ass day at the WWA! Glad I went!!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 01:35 pm

Missed another cool event... Slims bike looks killer!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 02:22 pm

Thanks for coming out and supporting the show!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 02:34 pm

Any photogs on CC will notice immediately how fantastic this kind of day (overcast) is for bike pix.
Also btw, forgiving for portrait pix of people. Esp. people who'd otherwise
look highly gnarley ;-)

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 02:56 pm

Cold ride down but well worth it. So much cool free shit. Congrats to all who scored the bars and tanks. Need both for my current project. Im fucking jealous! Missed that saddlebag by one step. Would have dropped my beer but that would have been alcohol abuse. Hell of a dive sir! Made up for it after the show by winning $300 at the indian casino(feather not dot) and paid for the whole weekend. Team Soboba, fuck yeah!

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 05:11 pm

All the wonderful variety. smiles

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 09:38 pm

/facepalm Man I should have made this, we didn't do dick on Saturday and it was literally around the corner from us, so close in fact we could have brought The Kid along with very little hassle, and still made it back home to sleep in a comfy bed. Next year for sure.

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 10:39 pm

Had an awesome time. See you at Born Free.

Commented on 4-16-2012 At 11:58 pm

My pops was stoked to see his 95 Sporty 1200 [1st pic, 2nd row] in the photo mix. Still a huge work in progress, but he's loving his Biltwell banana seat and was real proud of his fender/tail light mock-up. Next up is a set of Moto bars for it.. Also cool to see my Hondamatic in here. Good stuff.

Commented on 4-17-2012 At 12:48 am

whoa cool!! i thought i recognized your bike, WarGhost. looks very nice. bars look good too.

Commented on 4-17-2012 At 10:51 am

Thanks Rene, you did a solid job making those bars work with my stock handlebar clamps. Fits like a glove.

Commented on 4-17-2012 At 05:29 pm

WarGhost, your old mans bike Rules.
Great parking lot, can't wait to see the features

Commented on 4-17-2012 At 08:46 pm

Nice bikes, I like the short chops...the 2 shovels and the ratrod a wideglide on a wishbone like my Evo. of these years...this year would be nice........

Commented on 4-18-2012 At 06:04 am

pic 22 counting left to right is bad to the bone.

Commented on 4-18-2012 At 06:41 am

awesome looking bikes

Commented on 4-18-2012 At 07:03 pm

nice! QCB represent!

Commented on 4-19-2012 At 02:25 am

tried to go but tranny on RV took shit. sorry I missed it. loooks like some great bikes!

Commented on 4-21-2012 At 10:54 pm

The knucks cool but what about the shovel with the coffin gas tank I didn't see it in the pics only in the background of this pic that bike looks sick

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