Most people are familiar with the tales of Bigfoot or the Sasquatch that are rumored to inhabit the mountains of North America. However, the early settlers of the deserts of Nevada and California gave the first reports of these man-like apes in the mid-1800’s. Giant beasts, rumored to dwell in caves and roam huge swaths of the barren wasteland. The Yucca Men, so the native people called them, struck fear into all who heard the tales of their elusive ways.


For Jesse “Squints” Heinreich , just like the Sasquatch, finding the end of customizing his Sportster is an elusive task. Jesse is the type of guy who can’t leave anything alone for an extended period of time. He’s his own worst critic and the gears in his head are constantly turning. As a friend, it’s entertaining to watch because every time I see him with one of his bikes, he’s gone and changed it up in one way or another. Each time it’s a unique touch, purely Jesse.



What is most notable about Jesse’s Sportster is the fact that he has owned this bike for nearly ten years. He rolled it out of the dealership bone-stock. Since then, I don’t know how many looks this bike has seen.


“Sure,” you say, “But everyone changes up the look of their bike from time to time.” Well you don’t know Jesse. Instead of chopping it up and changing the look just a handful of times since he has owned it, this bike has been constantly evolving for ten years. In just the year that I have known Jesse, I have seen this same bike with at least three completely different looks, multiply that by ten and… well you do the math. I don’t know why he can’t leave his bike alone for more than a week, maybe it’s the artist in him, or maybe it’s because he’s part Sasquatch.




Owner name, location: Squints, Las Vegas NV

Bike name: HateSquatch

Engine/tranny, year and make, model, modifications: 2006 883 Sportster



Frame/Rake: Crooked frame. Stock rake.

Front End: +10" 39mm Tire/wheel size and style: mk2 in the rear, random knobby off an enduro in the front

Favorite thing about this bike: All my welds are holding!



Next modification will be: Time will tell.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc (paint, seat, tires, bars, switches, pipes, doodads): been running a foot clutch on it for almost ten years, that's about the only part I've managed to leave alone.

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I bought this bike brand new in early 2006, got hit by a truck in 2011, and the ol' HateSquatch has taken many forms since then. I have a real obsessive compulsive problem with leaving shit alone. I'll see a weird angle of my bike in a picture that makes me go straight to the garage and start hacking shit to pieces. A week later I'll look at the same picture and wish it still looked like that. I've taught myself to ride, paint, weld, bend, wire and party on this bike. I've met some of the best people I know while out rompin’ on this thing. She'll never be a show bike or a panhead, but I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to trade her for either. Not that I see myself in danger of that scenario presenting itself. Haha.



Thanks to: My family for not giving me too much hassle for neglecting them while I pretend like I know what I'm doing in the garage. And thanks to my pals like Ryan Loughridge who lie to me and tell me I gotta neat bike. Chopper on Players.

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Commented on 10-30-2015 At 05:37 am

Was wondering when this article would hit. Its a great looking sportster.

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 07:02 am

Nice looking bike! They are never done, too true.

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 10:47 am

Hell yeah Jesse and Ryan, I'm way pumped on this. Nice work, boys.

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 12:44 pm

sounds like a great upbringing...gr8 bike great story!

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 01:37 pm

That AHC brass air cleaner cover needs some Lillian Rose Choppers metal tattooing!

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 03:03 pm

very cool, congrats

Commented on 10-30-2015 At 05:05 pm

Saw this thing on the CC instagram, sweet ride and a wicked stance

Commented on 11-1-2015 At 05:52 am

love the bars. who makes them?

Commented on 11-2-2015 At 06:55 am

Very nice bike and great story! That last photo (mountain shot) is an epic looking shot for sure!

Commented on 11-2-2015 At 07:03 am

hard struts........ evo sporty.....? days of the CC are long gone. two each their own ..

Commented on 11-2-2015 At 07:06 am

Love seeing self taught people (like myself) building rad shit!

Commented on 11-2-2015 At 06:17 pm

Clean man! Great Job!

Commented on 11-3-2015 At 07:18 am

Me like the stance of that scoot...

Commented on 11-4-2015 At 04:56 pm


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