The best part of obtaining a bike to feature is the chase. You see that bike rolling into an event and you know you need to have it. Not because it has a familiar face on it, but because the bike is saturated with style and fabrication. Over the past year, Brandon Atienza and I have casually spoken about a possible bike feature. Brandon was always well mannered and wanted to wait 'til he felt the bike was completed. Like all bike builds, there’s more modifications on the horizon but Brandon is pleased with his bike's current state. Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present Hannah.


Photos by Blake Atienza



Owner name, location: Brandon Atienza, Chino Hills CA

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: Shovelhead 1984 Harley Davidson FXE



Fork: 39mm Sportster Narrow Glide

Chassis mods: Elswick Cycles Hardtail



Tire/wheel size and style: Rear-16’ Avon MKII Front-21’ Avon Speeedmaster

Favorite thing about this bike: Currently it would be my back brake. I didn’t really have a back brake for a few years.  So it’s been nice lately having a trail brake when I get into those oh shit moments.



Next modification will be: New mid control set up, handle bars, +6 legs, seat/pan etc... You will just have to wait and see

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: -Wompy (SK Moto Co)- Tokico Brake/ Reservoir Bracket Set Up Front/Rear. Floating disc brakes Front and Rear.-Slimsfab- bars, exhaust, sissy, frisco tank -Diaphragm Clutch -inner & outer primary cover.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: It’s late May and I just crossed over into Mexico with a group of guys on motorcycles. I have only been through the Tijuana entrance, but with a surfboard. This is my first time crossing over on a bike and through Mexicali. Its mid-morning, the temperature’s rising and I am anxious. Wondering how this trip is going to unfold, fearful that the Mexican roads will devour my bike. I know the miles I put down this weekend will only be a few hundred, but these are Mexican roads. I just hit a 1 ft. square speed bump that came out of nowhere and almost threw me over my handlebars and onto the highway. We pull over into the last gas station to fill up before we hit the barren highway strip to San Felipe. There’s a Federale stop midway to San Felipe where they test you on how fast you can pack up your shit on a sissy bar, right after they tear into all your gear looking for any reason to throw you into a “plush” Mexican prison.


Everyone finished filling up their tanks and extra fuel bottles, when this cute girl starts waving at me inside the store. I wave back, and she comes running out and jumps on my lap. Her friend follows her lead and starts taking pics on her phone. By now, everyone is by the road ready to take off when they notice I’m having a photo shoot with this chick on my lap.


If this is the beginning of my trip I can only imagine how the rest of it will turn out! By now, I am saying to myself "I AM RULING!" Until...she goes to step off my bike and puts all her weight on my foot peg and my bike SLAMS to the dusty pavement. With gas leaking from my bike, and her repeating something to me in Spanish possibly like, “I love you,” or, “you’re the love of my life!," or maybe just “sorry.” All I can think of is my bike and how I just went from HERO to ZERO in seconds! Then there was this beer bottle in Ensenada… (EDR 2013)



Thanks to: Lisa Ballard, Blake Atienza, Elswick Cycles, Slim, Wompy , Shawn Donahue, and everyone else who has helped me along the way. You know who you are.


Be sure to follow Brandon on Instagram.


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Comment with Chopcult (10)

Commented on 5-22-2014 At 03:41 pm

ahhh, yet another awesome bike I am 6" too tall to ever be able to ride :(

Commented on 5-22-2014 At 04:38 pm

That beer bottle in Ensenada made you a motorcycle legend, dude. When people ask about the EDR, I tell them what Asian Brandon did that warm May night... I'll tell my grand kids about it when they ask about life in the 2000's.

Commented on 5-22-2014 At 05:17 pm


Commented on 5-23-2014 At 12:23 am

Don't let the Asian jokes get you down. Just remember that phillipinos are not Asian and you'll be fine during the next EDR. CHOPPER FAMOUS!

Commented on 5-23-2014 At 11:54 am

Wait, what happened with a beer bottle? I thought that was McGoo's gig?

Commented on 5-23-2014 At 02:01 pm

Shit, yeah that speed bump outside Mexicali was insane - thought I was gonna die hitting that at 80 2Up

Commented on 5-25-2014 At 11:32 am

Ahhh, That fucking speedbump. I think it was Brandon's crew that I saw sideways with smoke pouring off their tires in their last ditch effort to slow down- Right before I put my 30 year old 4" drum brakes to the same test. Mexican speed bumps are awful.

Commented on 5-26-2014 At 04:34 am

Bill, I don't think it can be spoken of, merely brought up in an attempt to unnerve Asian pants-down Brandy.

Commented on 5-26-2014 At 12:43 pm

Don't for get that Cougar he picked up at that one bar on Edr .. Ruler

Commented on 6-2-2014 At 06:53 am

Brandon is only person I seen argue with a stripper over who is better pole dancer at a bachelor party. Turned out Brandon won the dance off.

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