Gypsy Run III: Prelude to Madness


Billdozer, Chris Collins and I popped our Empire State chopper cherries on the first Gypsy Run in 2007. That event was much more than a garden variety scooter rally from the Garden State to the Big Apple--it was the catalyst that bound a band of misfits together like few other events of its kind. Next week those brothers, led by head Gypsy Runner Walter Gemeinhardt, will gather in New Jersey for the third installment of this East Coast tradition. Because events like the Gypsy Run wouldn't be possible without guys like Walt at the helm, props seem in order.



Gypsy Run sergeant-at-arms, GM, CFO , whipping boy and President Walter Gemeinhardt at last April's Biltwell Bash in Temecula, CA


Bomb's Away

The DIY ethos runs thick in the veins of most motorcycle addicts, but few more so than in Walter Gemeinhardt. The brains behind Kickstart Cycles and the brawn behind John Cougar Mellencamp's stage show already had a lot on his plate when the opportunity to take over the Gypsy Run materialized in 2007. Walt's version of the 2008 Gypsy Run set a highwater mark for underground chopper fun on the east coast, and this year's event promises even more motorized mayhem.


Beating The Bushes

As everyone in the business of promoting pleasure can attest, the Internet has made throwing hoedowns like the EDR, Sumo's Tipple Run and this week's Gypsy Run III a whole lot easier. Of course, Walt has done a great job of using his blog and this website to give his participants and sponsors the most bang for their time and buck.


Do It Your Damn Self

Walt's Gypsy Run website and event thread illustrate the volume and intensity of advance communication and planning required to host a successful event. Follow Walt's model and anyone with similar gumption and foresight can and should be able to throw an event like the Gypsy Run on their own turf. Things like the ChopCult event calendar in the community make doing this easy. Remember: it's your scene. If you want it to kick ass, you need to take the bull by the horns.


Godspeed, Gypsies

Billdozer and others will be documenting the hijinx during the Gypsy Run this weekend, and I'm sure a few hundred others will post photos and feedback on the Gypsy Run thread after the dust settles. To everyone who sacked up for this weekend's ride, good luck and have fun!

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Commented on 8-22-2009 At 09:18 pm

What a fat Bastard!

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 10:02 pm

Who votes for McGoo flying in and meeting us at the Ace of Clubs? Me!

Commented on 8-23-2009 At 05:46 am

^^^^^^Second that vote!^^^^^

Commented on 8-23-2009 At 05:59 am

The vote is carried.... All in favor say "eye".

Commented on 8-23-2009 At 06:01 pm

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Do we have a date and time for sick cake tats yet?

Commented on 8-24-2009 At 01:44 pm

I'm in on that...EYE!!!!!!

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 09:23 am

sure, this shit had to start after I left the state for good.

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 08:30 pm

I was this close < > to flying out, but we are getting a shipment of 219 boxes of badass bike parts (chopper and BMX) tomorrow, and I want to stay in town this week to ship new stuff to our our sponsored bro's and pros. It's a BMX party and I'm the DJ. have fun, gents, and I'll see some of you in Kirkie Labor Day weekend.

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