The combined sense of accomplishment and excitement that a person has after their very first build is something that only happens once. If you’re around at that time the enthusiasm is usually hard for them to hide. Even if they’re as cool as a cucumber, like Logan Maddy, the sense of accomplishment and pride is heavy in the air. I’d even say its magical seeing someone pass this important milestone as a motorcyclist.


It doesn’t happen daily, but I relish moments like that and the unique joy that only these two-wheeled freedom machines seem to be able to produce. It was affirmed in a simple hand gesture after this photo shoot. I happened to take the same route out as Logan and as I turned a corner I came upon him and his pal sitting, idling, at a stoplight. As I listened to the potato-potato rhythm of their machines nearly twice their age, I smiled widely. Just before light changed, I watched as they threw a fist bump and throttled up. They didn’t know I was sitting behind them and my wide smile was made even wider by catching this blissful little bro-ment.


As they rolled away from that light, winding out their choppers, I thought about how awesome these two-wheel machines are. They provide transportation, excitement, danger, adventure, brotherhood, and kicks along the way! I truly cannot imagine my life with out motorcycles and I still get pumped when I see the great things they do for our lives and friendships!





Owner name, location: Logan Maddy, Columbus, Ohio

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1980 HD Ironhead, Andrews Y Grind Cams.



Frame: Original frame with a David Bird hard tail that has been modified and welded on.

Fork: Wargasser narrow 35mm trees with shaved and rippled lowers and custom dust covers made by Conflict Machine out of Texas.



Tire/wheel size and style: 15” rear with an Avon MKII and 21” front with an Avon Speedmaster.

Favorite thing about this bike:  The pipes. I’ve had this idea in my head for these for a while and I’m super stoked that they translated so well into reality. I feel that pipes are such a crucial part of a motorcycle that are so often overlooked, but one of the easiest and cleanest ways to add some movement and soul to the bike.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Really digging the custom stainless steel oil tank made by Jake Smith Motorworks. He nailed this one and it fits perfectly to take up some empty space within that odd shape. Not a big fan of cylindrical oil tanks personally and I like to take up that empty space where I can so I’m very happy with how that turned out. Also ran a piece of stainless tubing through the gas tank to run the throttle cable through.



Huge thanks to Jake Smith Motorworks for taking me under his wing and teaching me so much, along with letting me use his shop space to get this thing buttoned up. Thanks to all of my good friends who have given me their time to help me with this and listened to me bitch, including Remy Brommer, Jake Striker, Chris Owen and Trey and Tyler Guidry. Thanks to everyone who I got any amount of parts from and probably had to answer some dumb-ass questions from me, including Conflict Machine and Silverback Moto. And always a thanks to the guys at ChopCult, Bear and the guys at Old Bike Barn for all you guys do for us. A lot of works goes into this stuff, we all notice and we appreciate it. -Logan


Logan Maddy's Instagram 

Article and photographs by Bear / @oldbikebarn

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Commented on 8-22-2016 At 04:36 pm

Well said and done brother! Thank you for sharing. Ride On and many miles and smiles ahead!

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