Grant's 1949 Panhead


Certain styles have nearly infinite shelf lives. Things like good boots, black paint and 1911 pistols are just fine the way they are and you won't get tired of them after the shine wears off and trends fade on into whatever the next thing is. Grant's pan is one of those bikes. No feats of engineering, no statement to be made, just a simple old motorcycle that anyone would be proud to blast around on.


Bike name: Dynamite

Engine: 1949 FL

Frame: Stock with Paughco neck

Fork: Wide Glide- normally it has a beard, but it shaved for the photo shoot

Chassis mods: A little rake and some other gardening 

Tire/wheel size and style: There's Liquor up front poker in the rear

Favorite thing about this bike:  The rear fillister screw underneath my primary...dead sexy

Next modification will be: Caleb or JD making me a new sissy bar, mids, and some new bars...a fender, maybe some new wheels, seat, tranny, tank, shifter, cables, throttle, I like saying petcock so lets put one of those down, maybe some tires too. 

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Bates, Moon, Avon, Hot Dog, Foot Clutch, Hand Shift, Spool, Jimmy Walker- which one of these doesn't belong? Or is it a trick question? 

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Yea, that guy that won the 'Cocktagon' down at slab last year, just wanted to let everyone know he is a total "poofter" and when you see him on the EDR in a few months- you have my permission to kick him in the nuts. He's lucky I wasn't there, my wife wouldn't let me go. I had chores. And counseling. And yoga.

Thanks to: Victory Electric Tattoo, JJ, Walt, Gilby, DD, Hot Dog, Flathead Fern,BB from CC, Flash Gordon, Wes, Rockabilly Jay aka Road King Jay (you have my permission to nut-kick him too), Jah Rastafari, Poonagle, super G, Jeff the plumber/electrician/florist, and my spiritual advisor John Parker. And my wife. 

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Commented on 5-11-2011 At 03:06 am

Great looking bike, I really dig the paint!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 04:29 am

just like i like my women....simple and sexy

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 04:49 am


Commented on 5-11-2011 At 04:58 am

love the scales, sick bike!!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 05:16 am

sweet ole ride

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 06:54 am

I wouldnt change a thing nice scoot

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 06:59 am

pure class, built to ride and be appreciated by those who (actually) ride old iron. nothing unnecessary or extravagant. perfect.

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 07:34 am

Infinite shelf life, without a doubt, That is some classy iron. But what's up with Curt Cobain Jr. in the last photo? Would it be to far-reaching to request a little T to the N to the A?

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 07:53 am

Cool paint, sweet shifter knob, sexy bike overall! By the way, this was ome of the best interviews on a bike in a while... I like this guys style!!!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 11:44 am

".. got such a long way to gooooooooo"

nice ridn on the EDR dog! I rode this scoot around the San Felipe bumpy blocks, it's a solid, hard runner! Killer scoot!


Commented on 5-11-2011 At 11:59 am

The shift knob is pretty sweet

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 12:57 pm

Can I have it? Please. Let me know when you want to drop it off. Thanks

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 02:28 pm

Very nice..!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 03:38 pm

PERFECT!!!! Great Job

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 04:14 pm

the only thing that sux bout this ride is that it's not mine. damn fine

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 04:28 pm

Grant is a RAD dude with a RAD ride.... Love em both!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 05:19 pm

this is the way a cycle should be, it is classic, 10 years from now you'll be riding it pretty much the same, your kid will be riding it pretty much the same. It is a nice timeless look that got me into chops in the first place.
great job!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 08:37 pm

Great ride.......Will never be out of style....

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 10:33 pm

sweet ride!!!!

Commented on 5-11-2011 At 10:57 pm

Yes, I would be 'proud to blast around on' this baby . . . no wuckers.

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 03:27 am

sweeet .. who's bars? Biltwell narrow apes?

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 10:04 am

My first thought when seeing this bike was that I'd put my balls on the tank in taunting arrogance. Then I would take a picture of them resting happily there on high and text it to this Grant character.

Wait a minute, I did that!

That tank is tainted with my nut juice....and you all love it. What does that mean??

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 11:09 am

ok, u rode the bates to mexico & back... now throw it out !

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 11:09 am

ok, u rode the bates to mexico & back... now throw it out !

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 02:51 pm

Love the attention to detail, like the shifter

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 04:41 pm

thats a slick fuckin bike.

Commented on 5-13-2011 At 03:09 pm

I'll buy that for a dollar..... beautiful.

Commented on 5-16-2011 At 08:14 pm

It looks purty when you ride that bike on the 210 and you get all ziggy zaggy

Commented on 5-19-2011 At 02:33 pm

That must be one comfortable seat. Looks broke in proper style. It fits in well with the look of that sweet ride.

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