Garage Company's JD Racer


Down at Garage Company last month, one fine, crusty example stood out in the sea of interesting motorcycles that clutter this dream space. It was Yoshi's JD Racer. The bike was found mostly in this condition, with lots of neat modifications by God-only-knows-who from way back whenever. The exact history can't be determined, and as far as I could tell the Garage Co. guys made the muffler and that's about it.



Check the trailing edge of the forks. Someone along the way must have thought the aerodynamics were more important than the added weight. From the cast aluminum split tanks to the custom dash that houses an amp meter, this machine's got an authentic steam punk flavor that will leave any enthusiast drooling for more. The alert observer might notice the transmission is just sitting there, but this thing is a runner so don't be surprised if you see it tooling around the streets of SoCal very soon.

You can see more of Garage Company's work here

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Commented on 2-2-2011 At 08:41 am

I think "steam punk" is the perfect way to describe this bike. But the funny thing is that the person(s) who did most of the work probably had no clue what steam punk is.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:15 am

^exactly. steam punk before it was "cool"

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:48 am

I would love to be able to get my hands on an good IOE twin.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:48 am

I would love to be able to get my hands on an good IOE twin.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:51 am

This Bike has way too much soul.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 10:24 am

i drool over that thing every time i am there. That's my favorite in the building.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 02:13 pm

im not real crazy about the muffler but still a very cool motorcycle.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 04:09 pm

It's cool to see vintage modified bikes kicking around...dig it

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:17 pm

I love JD's, but not a real fan of this one. sorry. Needs the oem tanks with the reliefs in the bottom to help show off the engine. This thing looks too thrown together. Like a redneck lucky enough to have a JD layin around was like: "hey ya'll I'ze gonna build me a rat'er rod" Kinda over the half ass builds anymore...anyone else?

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 12:11 pm

one piece of art !!!!

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 10:30 pm

I love these old machines. Never can get enough of them.

Commented on 2-6-2011 At 10:29 am

looks like poop. steam punk? more like thunder dome. we'll prolly see it in the next death race movie or whatever.

but thats how it is with garage co. i either love it or i hate it.

no love for this one sorry. too much of a crocker wannabe.

Commented on 9-3-2011 At 11:43 am

nice machine

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