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I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joe Davenport many years ago through his work with the Heroes Run. Joe, along with his friend and partner, Justin Spears, brought the folks in Richmond, VA together to help children. They raised tens of thousands of dollars, which benefitted Connor's Heroes. But like many organizations, time and energy are sparse when you have a full-time job that requires a lot of traveling, as well as the responsibility of raising a family. Joe continues to build bikes for his personal use, and we are thrilled to showcase his latest build, The White Bike, below. Enjoy! -Lisa

Owner name, location: Joe Davenport, Richmond, VA

Chop Cult Member profile: Butterfingers

Bike name: The White Bike

Engine, year and make, model, modifications:1983 FXDG Harley-Davidson - S&S dual plug heads - Dyna S Ignition with dual coils

Frame: Stock with a few things chopped off. The main thing I did was cut off the shock mounts on the swingarm and made up some clevis style mounts to narrow up the shock mounting for the spring struts I put on.

Fork: Stock length 39mm with Mullins super narrow triple trees and shaved and polished lowers.

Tire/wheel size and style: 21” spool front, 19” rear with Firestones on each

Favorite thing about this bike: Kind of everything. It's not like too many other bikes I've ever seen. I like that it's white. I like that it's a swingarm but still skinny. I love the stance, the wheelbase, I like how it rides. It's just a fun, cool bike that I'm proud to have built.

Next modification will be: I might make some custom mids off the rear motor mounts. Not real high as I'm too tall, but just something different, I hope… may not do anything and wait till something inevitably breaks….

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I think the seat/fender section is what I get asked the most about. It was a pain in the ass to make since I'd never done anything like that before, but I think it sets off the look of the bike that I was going for. I learned a lot about fiberglass and bondo and how much I don't care for either one of those things. I took an old Corbin seat and ripped all the padding off and used that as the base for the seat. I then started shaping the fender section and joining it to the seat pan. After many, many layers of glass, I realized it wasn't going to be very strong, so I welded up a subframe to fit underneath the whole thing and then glassed that all in. I pretty much went about the entire process backward but still ended up with a cool result, at least I think so. If I had it all to do again, I'd go about it the right way and build a mold then build the seat from there. Lessons learned, but isn't that part of the process??

Other than that, there are a lot of cool parts that I like. The bars are one-off Zombie Performance bars that I sketched out, and Stefan made. The headlight is the snazzy Speed Dealer LED light, and it's bright as hell for how tiny it is. Biltwell Whisky Throttle, W&W narrow Cannonball style split tanks, seat upholstered by Range Needle Work, Killer wings, and pinstriping by the man Darren McKeag. BDL open belt with ratchet-top tranny, Baker N1 drum, and a homemade tranny brace/mid-mount and kick shifter. PM caliper in the rear. Oil lines and bee blocker from Old-stf, point cover from LC Fabrication. I think that's about it…

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: This bike took me close to three years to complete because I travel a lot for work, and I'm never around. I built it inside my little 10x12 shed with standard tools and a MIG welder. When I first got it from Josh Nowell, it was made up to look like an FLH, wide glide trees, 16”/16” mag wheels, Five gallon tanks with a horribly awesome purple and blue flame job. It was pretty gross from my point of view. I wish it still looked like an FXDG when I got it, but it didn't… So I took it all apart, and this is what I've come up with!

Thanks to: First off, I want to thank my wife for putting up with my hobby and all the time I spend in the shed, and for even letting me have motorcycles in my life after watching me crash one… I want to thank my friends for their help along the way: Justin Spears for his support and words of encouragement and shed hangs, Robbie Clarke for the TIG assist on the swingarm and helping me dial in the pushrods, Engine and Frame for re-building the heads and letting me use their bead blaster and selling me random parts they probably didn't make much money on, Liam for the photos, Roxan for the seat and Darren for the paint, and anyone else I may be missing. Peace!- Joe

Photos by Liam Kennedy: Website / Instagram / Facebook

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Thanks for featuring my bike!

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