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With the recent change of ownership for the Ventura Nationals, the new owners wanted to welcome motorcycles and some of our brands to their event. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Holly Gollob, the event promoter and all around good guy Dan Collins to make this possible. Dan did most the heavy lifting as he orchestrated the key bike vendors, builders and the underground bike show with homemade awards created by his peers. My job was to promote it through our extensive social media and cross promote with Holly to gain more notoriety for the show.


The Ventura Nationals basically owned Main Street on Friday night as custom cars and bikes adorned many blocks. They had a great art show and photo exhibit to enjoy and many of the local businesses rewarded event goers with discounts to their establishments. On Saturday, we set up and I have to be honest, I enjoyed myself from beginning to end. Maybe it was all the beautiful cars, awesome vans, kustoms, and lowriders, a nice break from your typical bike show. It could of also been that I was surrounded by great friends and spent quality time with people visiting our booth. The day wasn't about making a buck or two; it was more about chilling by the beach with good people. The attendees and car enthusiasts seemed to enjoy the nice display of bikes and I’m sure you will see a bigger bike movement heading that way next year.


Photos by Jessie Stopnik



Big thanks to Holly, Aaron and the rest of the crew, we appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to next year! Check out the Ventura Nationals website for future dates and information. Give then a follow on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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Commented on 10-3-2013 At 09:03 am

Its a stupid gripe and its just the photo editor in me complaining, but what's with all the damn near duplicate photos?

Commented on 10-3-2013 At 07:42 pm

WingNut's question becomes an interesting question after you take a look at Mr. Stopnik's own website. He's a much,much better photographer than theses photos suggest, when he's doing doing lifestyle-type photography.When he has a greater degree of control over the situation, the lighting and his models..
I'm gonna guess he was challenged by the congestion, the crappy light, and the uncontrolled situation with all the bystanders etc. etc.

Commented on 10-3-2013 At 07:46 pm

Whoa! Palm trees. Gonna look even sweeter in January.

Commented on 10-3-2013 At 09:46 pm

Apologize for the doubles, the photo upload went a little wacky. I appreciate Miss Jessie taking time to cover this event for me.

Commented on 10-4-2013 At 03:41 am

I say put up as many photos as you can. The 'near duplicate' may show a part or design feature that we're interested in. And, the more photos, the better feel you get for the event. This is a chopper site, not an artsy photography site.

Great job Jessie!

Commented on 10-7-2013 At 04:13 am

great pics. thanks.

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