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I met Bryant Plymel a few weeks ago, when he did the fabrication work on the raffle bike for Voodoo and Burnt Rubber IV, a Buffalo, New York bike and art show. His work was impeccable and clean. I asked him about what made him start ReRun Cycle-Works, and where the idea for the Hoopty Hoedown came from. In his own words here is what he said:



“Growing up in my dad’s garage, I was drawn to building and creating things, especially out of metal. Throw in a motor and it was that much better. I remember my dad had this backwoods dude working for him that showed me the craft of metal working and fabrication, ultimately setting me on the course to where I am today. Through school, I was always at my dad’s shop building or modifying something. BMX bikes, Go-Karts, dirt bikes, cars…you get it. And if I wasn’t doing that, I was annoying the crap out of the local old timers, trying to take in everything I could to perfect my craft. At the time, my craft wasn’t anything more than what I loved to do. Not a craft, not yet anyways. It wasn’t ‘til I was in my 20’s, when I decided to really try and build a bike and see if it would stick. In 2014, I built and sold my first bike as ReRun Cycle-Works. At that point, I was married, with three kids, and a pipe fitter for a local sprinkler company. The hours sucked and the pay was ok.. To be honest, I hated every moment of it. It wasn’t until my wife really pushed me to put everything in the balance and take a chance on doing what I love to do, that I really thought about pursuing this as a career. Not feeling as optimistic, I kept working as a pipe fitter and building bikes at night with my son, Chase. In October of 2015, I wrapped up my second build as ReRun Cycle-Works. “The Hoopty,” a ratted out, rigid sporty chop, that very quickly sold. With that money in my hand, I decided to just jump in and do it. I quit my job the same week and never looked back. In the months to follow, I worked on developing an online store and a basic product line to help promote the shop. This product line is ever growing. I do just about everything shy of servicing bikes. Since then, we have adopted the name ReRun Cycle-Works Mfg. Co., because alongside our custom builds and production line, I offer a full range of fabrication and custom services, including frame repairs, frame modifications, one-off parts, and welding services. ReRun Cycle-Works is really a product of that passion and knowledge I was taught all those years ago.



So here it is, almost one full year after officially opening and we're still floating. As the summer season gets just about at the half way point, a buddy reaches out to me about a local show the city puts on in downtown Jamestown. He informs me that the bikes are pretty much being alienated from the rest of the festivities. Needless to say, I was a little upset about this. So, we joked around about putting on our own show the same day. A little jab at the people putting on the downtown show, but not really giving it much weight. Well, as I thought about it, the shows in our local area (Chautauqua County) have been putting on the same shows for as long as I could remember. The car shows are the same dudes, driving the same cars, parking in the same spots, taking to the same people, year after year. The bike guys aren’t much better. Most riders only get together for dice runs or memorial rides. And when they do get together, everyone has the same decked out dresser, talking crap about everyone else ride because they have Vance & Hines and not Rinehart. Honestly it’s stupid. So, I remembered the old timers I grew up idealizing and the builders I used to watch and the passion they had. I really wanted to bring that back to Jamestown and show the art of the chop and the camaraderie that comes with it. So, I called my buddy and we set the date for the show. And it really blew up from there. To pay homage to the bike that started it all, we decided the “Hoopty Hoedown” would be more than fitting.” - Bryant Plymel



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Commented on 9-22-2016 At 09:52 am

thanks again for the support, i really appreciate it.

Commented on 9-22-2016 At 01:17 pm

For some reason,the ingenuity/originality going into these 'hoopty' bikes reminds me of the best of San Francisco's infamous Dirtbag Challenge. WIithout the time and money limitation rules on Dirtbag builds: one month and $1,000... I guess it was the xs650 that got me thinking about it.

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