Focus: Strange Days 4

Words: Chris Dripchak


The Strange Days annual vintage motorcycle and chopper show came about as a response to the overall lack of this type of event anywhere on the east coast. So my fellow motorcycle enthusiast, Ken Buongiorno, and I came up with a rough idea of what we wanted to make happen. We are devoted AMCA swap meet attendees, but wanted more of a party. After some talks with our buddy Capt. Cal of RetroFit, and the help of his dad Joe’s amazing stories, photographs, and serious 60’s and 70’s chopper history; we decided to host an old school chopper party and campout. Listening to the Doors with some cold ones one night, the name for the event became all too clear; “Strange Days” it would be.



Looking back, the show really has come a long way in 4 years. We try to expand and improve upon it each year. We think about the “ideal motorcycle show”; the one that we would like to go to. That’s how we started bringing the live music into play and building a custom chopper to give away to one lucky winner every year. In the past years, we have given away show- quality choppers, including a ’74 Honda CB750, a ’72 Yamaha XS650, and this past show, a ’71 Sportster. The bike giveaway has become a big hit, and for good reason. Where else can you ride away with show-stopping chop that looks like it time traveled out of the ‘70’s for $10?



Strange Days 4: 2014, was the best show to date. The turnout grew immensely, the weather could not have been more perfect, the number of cool bikes was more than I could take in, and we had the “supermoon” to light up the party at night!



The reactions and feedback from the people that attend are, by far, the greatest part of the show. Quotes like, “This is what I wanna do every day for the rest of my life!” and “There’s nothing like this on the east coast,” make it all worthwhile. Seeing familiar faces return to the party with us 4 years in a row shows we must be doing something right. Their return confirms what Strange Days is all about: fun and the pure love of old bikes. No one will know what Strange Days is truly like until they’ve been there…


Photos by Jay Cagney


Just want to thank EVERYONE that came out this year for the most amazing Strange Days to date!  The weekend was a complete blast and went off without a hitch.  Having that many drunken biker heathens in a field together always has its risks, but the crew of people that came out to SD4 couldn't have been more respectful and considerate. The great times had by all proved it.  This year's show was one for the books.  Huge thanks to the Retrofit boys, Matt Rush, Carl Miller, Bob at Toon Town, all of our generous sponsors (too many to list!), the Vernon Inn for the pre-party, landowner Jamie Rickey, all of the musical entertainment / sound crews, our insanely awesome friends, girlfriends, and family (especially Ken’s mom Charlene!) for the endless help. I’m probably forgetting some, but it could not be done without you.


Also, thanks to Jay Cagney, for the coverage, and ChopCult for putting this feature together!


- Chris

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Commented on 8-25-2014 At 09:15 am

Thanks for not naming it "Strange Dayz" OR " Strange Daze"

Commented on 8-25-2014 At 05:04 pm

I wanna check this out! Where does the shin dig go down?

Commented on 8-25-2014 At 05:17 pm

happens in Vernon NJ, surrounded by mountains, the appalachian trail, and lots of good roads

Commented on 8-25-2014 At 05:19 pm

Great time this year and awesome photo set!

Commented on 8-25-2014 At 08:02 pm

Big sweaty titties! Anyone have a link to more photos of that green slab side shovel?

Commented on 8-26-2014 At 11:25 am

Thanks theIVcrusade

Commented on 8-26-2014 At 08:20 pm

I sent a set of brass foot/toe pegs as a give away for the event. Couldn't attend myself was out at mid-ohio for ama vintage days. If any one knows who won them please get them to send me some pics of them on their baby :) thanks! Honored to have been part of the strangeness in spirit. Next year....

Commented on 9-1-2014 At 06:47 am

best damn party of the summer

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