Focus: Hippy Killer Hoedown 6


The sixth Hippy Killer Hoedown took place at the Wild West Arena and Saloon, in Winchester, California, on April 12, 2014. I had the privilege of working with Kutty and Jamie Noteboom once again. This year was the ultimate test for Kutty as an event promoter. You see, we normally have the Saloon on the property for our patrons to enjoy a frosty beverage or two, but it was destroyed by a massive fire in mid-March. This obstacle put the biggest wrench in our well-oiled event. Kutty had to find resources quickly to fill this huge void as it was too late to change the venue or cancel the event. The bands were booked, licenses and security were paid for, and out-of-state friends were on their way. Kutty and his family turned to local purveyors and friends to help us out. You wouldn’t expect to see event promoters raking the property, but we did rake it to assure no one would get hurt by some material left over from the fire. Kutty even laid down mulch where the Saloon once stood and utilized the open space to his advantage. He had a few custom motorcycles and cars park in the area, which turned the dreaded hole in the ground into the focal point of the show. The final thing was to find extra tents to provide shelter for the crowd, so we turned to our good friend, Enrique Salcedo. He stepped up to the plate and helped us acquire the needed shade. You, my friend, are a good man!


The loss of the Saloon also affected our pre-party plans with Dice Magazine as we normally host the event on location. Luckily, Kutty’s good friends own the local watering hole known as The Bum Steer, in Hemet. To our advantage, it’s just a skip away from the Arena, which was convenient for our campers and attendees. The Bum Steer also graciously hosted our after-party with open arms and provided our friends with great, friendly service. With everything in place it was now time to party and have a great time;


The motorcycle and custom car gate was my post for the event. I would say we welcomed over 2,500 people between our gate and the main entrance. I love greeting our patrons and seeing the familiar faces from over the years. I called upon contributor Nick Faught to cover the event for me as it’s impossible to work the gate and shoot the event.


Photos by Nick Faught


We’re very fortunate to work with the best sponsors and vendors every year. Not one person complained about our misfortune and embraced the show with open arms. Mikey Ratt hosted the mini-bike races, which kicked off the all day event. Kutty booked Dime Runner, Heathen Apostles, Devils Brigade, Bob Wayne and Old Man Markley to entertain the crowd. Between sets, we gave away over five thousand dollars in merchandise to the crowd. This was made possible by generous donations from our sponsors and vendors. Kutty also cross-promoted with Churchill MFG. and used their skateboard decks for the show trophies. He then acquired the talents of Pacman, Kenny Rogers and Billy Crewl to help him create the one-off trophies. Each one delivered the goods and produced hand painted works of art. Biltwell Inc. offered a Gringo Helmet to giveaway and Kutty had Billy paint it and used it for the Best of Show award.


Kutty, Jamie and I would like to thank everyone for supporting the Hoedown over the past six years. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of friends like Josh, Marty, Tony, Justin, Emily, Adrian, Johnny, Shane, Nate', Sean, Melanie, Duane, Cole, Billy, and Autry, but, most of all Kutty’s parents, Jim and Helga Noteboom. They are the backbone of the Hoedown.


Check out the site, Facebook and Instagram for upcoming details on the 7th Hippy Killer Hoedown.


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Commented on 7-21-2014 At 12:16 pm

Nice shots Nick ,, always a great job

Commented on 7-25-2014 At 11:00 am

V W distributor !? Love it. Looks like a great event.

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