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My limited experiences with Ranger, Georgia consists of a railroad track, chicken farms, and the best party this side of the Mississippi River—The Georgia Grundle Run. Whether the event happens in the middle of summer on a chicken farm, or on 69 acres of private property blessed by the beautiful weather leading into the Fall, there is no way I will miss this party. Georgia Grundle Run 4...20 went down back in September and you can bet your bottom dollar I was there.


GGR is a no-holds-barred event that the boys from Long Brothers Choppers put together. I honestly feel like the event was tailor-made for me. They have combined my two passions, choppers and professional wrestling, in a perfect amalgamation of partying, choppering, catching up with buds, and the thrills of the squared circle. Anyone who knows me knows of my passion and respect for the business of professional wrestling. So when I heard that GGR was teaming up with Renegade Championship Wrestling out of Chatsworth, Georgia, at GGR2, I made it a priority to be there that year and every year since.


A new addition to the event this year was a free-to-vend swap meet. It even came in handy for some folks who had those pesky mechanical issues on the way in and needed a set of points or new chain by the time they got there. Being able to shop for parts to fix up your bike while partying, or picking up a few odds and ends for future builds was an added bonus. The Black Dog Tattoo Tour trailer was also there all weekend, setting permanent reminders in the flesh of those in attendance. And the sponsored raffle delivered yet again with tons of goodies from makers, brands, builders, craftsmen, and craftswomen all over the country.

It was nice to see the ol' "Whack-a-Honda" brought back to life from the parties of bygone eras. However, having a sweet spot in my heart for those plastic road beasts, a tear or two may have been shed. After the sun went down and the bludgeoning ceased, the beast's limp, shattered carcass was hoisted atop round bales of hay, and its lifeless body was offered to the old gods in a pyre fit for an ancient king.


Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the raffle bike that was built for the party this year. With just one $50 ticket the beautiful, custom Shovelhead chopper could be won by anyone in attendance. Wanting to show some support to the boys who bring this epic event to life each year, I purchased a ticket. I knew that even if I didn't win, I would be giving support and love back to the team that puts so much work into not only the bike, but the event as a whole. Putting together a party of this scale is not an easy feat. 


I was standing by my van when I told my wife that I had better go see who wins the raffle to get a photo of the winner for the "Smut Butt Magazine" feature. As I walked over to the crowd and heard the numbers being called, I reached into my pocket and pulled the little purple and red ticked from beneath my keys. I looked at the numbers on the ticket as Cody read them aloud over the speaker. He read them again. I read along, number by number. I was in shock. I looked to my left. I looked to my right. I was speechless. The numbers he was reading were the numbers on my ticket.

Still, in disbelief, I walked silently to the tent where Cody was standing, cupped the ticket in my hand, and showed it to him. Instead of declaring myself the winner, I showed the ticket to him and asked if I had won. After he confirmed that I indeed had the winning ticket, I leaned over in disbelief and put my hands on my knees. Swarmed by my friends with hugs and congratulatory high fives, I found myself snapped back into reality as the winner of the raffle bike. Honestly, even as the bike is parked in my barn, I still can't believe it.


As the buzz of winning the Shovelhead wore off and it was time for the RCW "Rumble in the Grundle" to start, I began to get excited all over again. Last year I was able to plan a spot with one of the wrestlers to surprise the crowd by chokeslamming him in the middle of the ring. To have the opportunity to step between the ropes of a wrestling ring and work a spot has been a lifelong dream of mine. If it wasn't for Cody and Ron encouraging me to reach out to Tyler, the promoter from RCW, that dream would have never come true.


This year we planned another little spot. I went out after the first match to hype up the crowd and make sure they knew to not cross over the barricade into the area where the wrestlers perform. After I hopped into the ring to stoke the fires of the crowd, my nemesis from last year returned. It did not go well for me. After taking a few chops and being beaten from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, I was finally assisted by the RCW "Rumble in the Grundle" Champion, Big Red Adams, and we were able to neutralize the threat... until next year.


The Georgia Grundle Run is my favorite party of the year. But like LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, "You don't have to take my word for it." Plan to be there this coming year. It's a guaranteed great time with great people, put on by even greater people!


Love Y'all

Gorgeous George

Instant film photos scanned and edited by George.


Editor's note: I am beyond thrilled to welcome George to CC's family and am looking forward to working with him. To see all the photos from the event visit SMUTBUTT.BIGCARTEL.COM and snag the digital download of Issue 13. Be sure to keep September 17-19, 2021, open to support the Georgia Grundle Run. -Lisa

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Commented on 2-23-2021 At 11:18 am

By far one of the best bike get togethers I've ever been to. See you all again in September!

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