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The BUB Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats have been a humble host as a proving ground for many years. For most motor-heads setting a world record is a lifetime achievement and personal goal. Something inside us makes us want more, strive for more and achieve for excellence. The experiences and stories along the way are all part of life’s gifts. A chance to see one of the world’s wonders and be a part of something special was epic. If given the chance, don’t turn it down!


Photos by our friends at Burly Brand.



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Commented on 9-16-2013 At 09:29 am

There's my bike! Pic #70-72, the orange triumph # 3050! If you think you might want to go or someday build a bike to go race, DO IT! You won't regret it a single bit! The most fun you can have on 2 wheels period!

Commented on 9-16-2013 At 03:58 pm

Third row down on the right #1957. That's my son working on our '77 XLCR. He races, and I work as an AMA/F.I.M. senior technical steward. Plus, run back and forth to our pit area to help tune between runs. This year we bent two valves and had new parts overnighted. Got the head repaired, and then it rained buckets and the race was cancelled. That's o.k., we're already planning for 2014.

Commented on 9-18-2013 At 08:54 pm

I was there and got to meet so many great people. My friends Ron (1955 Panhead #272), and Joe (Dual engined Buell XB9's) raced and I was there, along with Joe's son to help out. I met Tom Foley, who was racing the red 1955 Panhead red sidecar rig. It was a bitchin' trip. We drove all the way from Minnesota to be there. Again...if you haven't gone go! Even if you aren't racing. A sight to see for sure. Thumbup!

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