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According to its builder, "There's nothing special about this bike. Nothing." Anyone who remembers following Flatiron Mike as he split lanes and took names on EDR II might beg to differ. Mike built this bike especially for the mean streets of Tijuana. Everything FIM learned about dodging Mexican border merchants on EDR I in '06 informed the design and specs of his second Baja assault vessel. Here's what the man with a plan has to say about the shovel-powered hell rider known only as Kinger.

Twenty-eleven marks the fifth anniversary of my second scratch-built machine. This rigid-framed, sparingly appointed, fire-breathing hell rider was built especially for my second blitz into Baja, Mexico. Kinger’s one purpose was to get through Baja and back into the States.

Rewind to 2006. EDR I was a mindbending trip for me. It was my first MC run out West, and certainly my first ride into Mexico. I brought The Mule—my first scratch-built bike—for the challenge. I had no idea what to expect, who would be on the run or if I could even finish. It was the kind of leap only a fool or a condemned man would take. It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating motorcycle rides of my life. The last leg of EDR I was the most memorable. Rolling up the coast from Ensenada was a beautiful ride, but there was one last challenge: the border crossing at Tijuana. Taking a cue from fellow El Diablo Runner Caleb Owens, we split lanes for what seemed like two miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic on our way to the US border. Squeezing between cars and riding past taco carts, vendors, newspaper hawkers and panhandlers, it was totally wild. To this day, it’s still my favorite piece of riding. Thank, you Caleb.


I had already purchased a rigid frame and springer for my next build. I had plans to build a more traditional, stripped-down, barhopper style bike, but the memory of the TJ lane splitting weighed heavily on my mind. When I returned home to Connecticut, I made the decision to craft a tall, very narrow lane splitter for EDR II. Kinger turned out exactly as I had imagined, and it made my second dodge across the TJ border even more memorable than my first.

So what's a Kinger, you ask? Just a tall can of beer. Like I said, nothing special.

Motor: S&S 93” hi-comp, dual plug, cone Shovel with electronic ignition and Mikuni HSR42 carb

Transmission: Kick only, jockey shift Baker 6-into-4 speed case with BDL open primary belt and Competitor Clutch

Frame: V-Twin repro straight-leg panhead rigid

Forks: V-Twin repro stock length ’41-’46 inline Springer

Wheels: V-Twin repro 19” star hubs with Avon SMKII tires front and rear

Tins: NOS ‘70s Paughco axed gas tank, Aermacchi alloy rear fender

FIM fabrications: Lane splitter handlebars, jockey shifter, exhaust, license plate mount, battery tray, custom pogo seat setup and assorted other bits

Thanks: Many thanks to Bill and Harold for their hard work and dedication to the builders, fabricators, riders and enthusiasts who are contributing to the best MC scene in a long, long time

See more at FIM Customworks

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Comment with Chopcult (34)

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 07:16 am

eloquently done.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 09:22 am

If I ever have the dough to have someone build me a sweet ass bike, FIM will be the one. Does this guy even OWN an ugly bike? Hahaha

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 09:41 am

so clean, slim and simple, LOVE it. Awesome work man.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 10:19 am

Super cool. Mike RULES!

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 10:59 am

Pretty pimp I would say. We need some pics of that bad boy tearing up the sand.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 10:59 am


Commented on 1-31-2011 At 11:26 am

how bout some pics of the other side?

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 12:46 pm

Yay! Hi Mike.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 12:57 pm

If there's one thing Mike knows - its how to build a clean bike. If there are two things, its how to build a clean bike and hot oil pizza. Just sayin'

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 02:12 pm

One my favorite bikes...great stance and elegant yet simple.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 02:45 pm

Nothing special, but parts are parts. It takes a craftsman to take those parts and make a bunch of 'nothing special' into something simply amazing.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 04:27 pm

nice job mike i love that chrome rear fender

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 07:21 pm

Mike is a lovely man with a nice collection of pipes. His bikes are cool too.


Commented on 1-31-2011 At 08:29 pm

Awesome...simply awesome sir....clean n to the point....

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 01:41 am

Nothing special my arse the is a great bike

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 08:26 am

You gotta love the guy for building a bike that's all about function! The beauty is in its simplicity!

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 09:16 am

Yawn.....bunch of parts out of a catalog....S&S and vtwin....its all good just doesnt have the soul of a bike where the man stock piles old parts for years to finally build his period creation.

Probably way more dependable,,,,and looks sweet....just lacks a little two cents.

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 12:16 pm

Snap, that's a bunch of hoowey man! Old parts don't make a bike have soul. Old or new, if a bike is built with sincerity it has soul and meaning. Further more, this bike is uniquely Mike's, you see it, you know it's his, not some cookie cutter that could be built by anyone. I love old 60's choppers, but there are so many people building the same bike these days that they all lack soul and personality, same old parts from the same places, just happen to be 50 years old. Big deal.

No haten, just fornicaten. Don't turn this thread in to a wank fest about this, it's about Mikes ride. Oh, and HE RIDES IT!!


Commented on 2-1-2011 At 12:23 pm

"unique" ?? nah,,It looks like all the rest at present.. that being said ,,it is nice work and as long as he digs it ,that all that matters. It is nothing mind blowing,,innovative etc..It's a good clean build the style same as most out there.

Not knocking the man or machine,,just a good clean basic bike.

as for soul ?? bikes develop soul ,,that can't be built new parts or old

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 04:49 pm

hey. thanks all. you too Cro!

guess i'll see you on the road. if i'm not rollin' Kinger, i'll be on any one of my other 4 machines. so there.

and, sucks to your Auntie!

Commented on 2-1-2011 At 09:45 pm

I saw this bike in Lemon Grove after they got back from the EDR II. Very, very well built machine that you can really appreciate once you see it in person. That's what makes it such a nice bike!

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 06:08 am

Mike's bikes are awesome. done.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 09:29 am

Nothing special. Its like an oxymoron. It looks rather simple and perfect at the same time.

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 11:35 am

My favorite part is the coin in Mike's pocket. See you in May!

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 11:35 am

My favorite part is the coin in Mike's pocket. See you in May!

Commented on 2-2-2011 At 02:44 pm

Yankee engineering at its finest! Nice work, FIM

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 05:24 am

Oh, It's Kinger!
I swear, for past couple years I thought he was calling it klinger!

I figured he was just a huge Jamie Farr fan.

No matter what it's name, this bike definitely gets ridden.

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 05:48 am

beauty at its simplest and a stroked shovel to boot don"t get any better than that.

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 05:48 am

beauty at its simplest and a stroked shovel to boot don"t get any better than that.

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 12:13 pm

very clean very nice looks fast

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 04:43 pm

Always refreshing to see!

Commented on 2-6-2011 At 08:48 am

Nice goin, Love the reliability of the S&S

Commented on 2-18-2011 At 03:33 am

Pretty freaking nothing special.

Commented on 2-14-2012 At 12:56 pm

kick ass bike no bull shit, but still looks badass. beautifull!

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