Eric Greenfield's Smooth Operator


Eric Greenfield might be one of the most enthusiastic chopper builders I’ve ever met, hands down. Enthusiasm emitted in a way that is contagious, in a good way, and with the know-how and creativity to back up that enthusiasm, his bikes are something to stop and take notice of. His last build certainly got my attention when I spotted this unassuming, humble, and friendly guy roll into a party and casually park his shovelhead-powered work of art. I immediately went over to have a look and was more than impressed. After doing some digging I found photos of a longbike he had built which immediately won my heart. Needless to say that when Eric reached out about photographing his new knucklehead chopper, appropriately named Smooth Operator, I certainly wasn’t going to say no.


Smooth Operator is an S&S-powered knucklehead delicately wrapped in a decorative purple and chrome display of artisanal craftsmanship. The details are endless. The amount of thought put into every nook and cranny is apparent. The creativity is a direct reflection of its maker. I implore you to pause for a few moments, take a look at the photos and follow Eric to watch his future builds. I have no doubt that there will be many more coming down the pipeline. Hats off to you, Eric! - Charlie



Owner name, location: Eric Greenfield Aurora, Colorado

Chop Cult Member profile: 303eric

Bike name: Smooth Operator



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: The engine is an S&S KN (knucklehead)

Frame: The frame is an old Santee.

Fork: Denvers Choppers 20” over



Chassis mods: The gas tank molded into the frame. The seat is molded into the frame. The taillight is molded into the fender. The oil tank bag is made to look like it’s molded in the frame, however it is removable. The neck is 2” up x 2.75” out to 45 degree rake. Axle plates trimmed down and torque bars added. (at the same angle as the neck support gusset) Tire/wheel size and style: 16”/19” 40 spoke with matching Continental front and rear drum brake spool front.



Favorite thing about this bike: Changes often, but I love the paint!!!!!

Next modification will be: None, it's done it or leave it!!!!



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Handmade exhaust with rocket fin tips. Handmade sissy bar. Handmade handlebars. Handmade triple headlight with purple tinted lights. Handmade seat. Handmade oil lines.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: This bike originally was my people’s champ entry (PC7/BF11), but I did not make it into the Lucky 13.



Thanks to: In no particular order, Brion Killer B Studios (badass painter), Ryan - paperstreet grips, Sean Noschool - coil mount, Bareknuckle Paul - glass stack, Tim swapmeet74 - shift knob, Dan - Bitchin Stichin seat, Josh Crybaby - neck/rake guidance direction, S&S, Drag Specialties, Gasbox, Custom Chrome, Randy CSSTL, Cycle Source Magazine, Denvers Choppers, V-Twin, Ace Hardware, Reed & Deb, My wife Tonya, all the Rocky Mtn region chopper dudes and dudettes who at various times through the year I ramble to about my NEXT great idea.....Eric


I want to welcome Charlie Weisel to the ChopCult family and look forward to his contribution. Be sure to follow Charlie on Instagram and check out his latest traveling venture, Roads Are For Journeys. Thanks! -Lisa

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