Elusive Unicorn Pictorial


Operation Elusive Unicorn was the name of the secret mission we launched two days after local authorities threw a monkey wrench into plans for Slab City Riot 3. ChopCult members Cindy Fashion Serial Killer DuLong and Nick from LA's Perri Ink Cartel were two of several hundred hardy souls who braved bad luck and shitty weather to make OEU a last-minute success. This after-action report features photos and videos created by these faithful supporters.



Nick Perri's "My Devil Years" video:



See more of Nick and Cindy's musings here and here

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Commented on 11-30-2011 At 07:16 am

great video.looks like a hell of a lotta fun.

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 08:05 am

it was still a riot! Awsome, good times

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 08:42 am

Has anyone else wondered just how Gilby ever played the guitar? Those meat-fingers are as wide as that fat cigar.

Hugs n' kisses, G.

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 09:28 am

As shady as Triumph electrical components go, I can't believe my generator with its missing cap took all that rainwater and still made power to my lights.

I'm like a proud father when his kid beats the shit out of another kid. And then I ask my son, "Where did he get you?" and my kid replies, "That little bitch didn't even get a punch in."

Except my BSA petcock fell out and made me look like a chump. But that's a BSA part and doesn't count against the Triumph.

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 09:52 am

Thanx guys, my pleasure to help out. Can't wait to do it again!

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 11:08 am

The important thing is that "the lid" made it. Good times.

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 11:10 am

and I thought that unicorns were just frolickin' phlactic symbols................

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 11:27 am

Awesome video and pictures!

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 02:32 pm

Cool looked like a good party

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 10:48 pm

had an amazing time, the DLMC entertained me all night. Thanks fellas

Commented on 12-1-2011 At 08:02 am


Commented on 12-1-2011 At 09:17 am

BTW, Slab City Riot 3 patches and shirts are available in the Chop Cult store. Support the ride that never happened!

Commented on 12-1-2011 At 11:17 am

I concur, got my Slab City patch and tee in the mail yesterday.. they're badass. Everyone check 'em out!

Commented on 12-1-2011 At 06:21 pm

If I ever want to have a good time I go to where the Biltwell guys are. Thanks again!! xoxoxo

Commented on 12-1-2011 At 09:18 pm

That Honda with the girder front end is so nice! Who's is that?

Commented on 12-2-2011 At 12:13 am

Thats my Vegas Crew brutha Brandon.......

Commented on 12-4-2011 At 07:24 pm

Bob, you obviously have exquisite taste and I couldn't agree with you more. Its nice to know I'm on the right track. Thanks!

Commented on 12-8-2011 At 11:54 pm

funny according to the hot bike japan I just bought there was a slab city riot 4

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