Eli's Shovelhead Chop


After a successful maiden voyage on this freshly built unit, Eli is ready to tear this beast down and give it the proper paint, polish and chrome it deserves. Bikes in the shakedown phase of development are popular around here, so we thought it would be cool to feature Alice in all her crusty glory.



Owner: Eli Wolf

Bike name: Alice 

Engine year, make, model and modifications: 1980 OG cone shovel with dual-plug S&S heads for maximum drag racing capability. I put in a Daytona Twin Tec ignition that's firing a 4-post Dyna single-fire DC6-4 coil

Frame: 1980 FXWG, half black/half raw

Fork: Early '70's narrow Ness springer. It was a really random amazing CL find; the guy had it posted as a girder, no clue what he had. I just had to build a bike around that springer. It was in absolute perfect condition, never-been-run type deal. I couldn't leave a good enough thing alone however, so I hacked an 8-inch section out of it, which ruined that perfect 40-year-old chrome. Mr. Slim custom fabbed a steer tube that worked perfectly

Chassis mods: Hardtail section, 0" stretch, 1" lift. My great buddy Slim did the rear section for me

Rear wheel/tire size and style: 18" x 3.5" 40-spoke rear rim by Paughco with a 4.5" Firestone

Front wheel/tire size and style: 21" x 2.25" hoop laced to a 3-inch spool with SS spokes; 3.00" Speedmaster

Favorite thing about this bike: Building it, riding wheelies, and the six inches of clearance that keeps me from getting hung up on logs and stumps and what-not when I'm boondockin'

Next modifications: A few little things, OEM forward controls, some lathe work, shifter knobs, rear spacers etc. It's basically getting all torn down for days of sanding and polishing, then off for paint, powder and chrome

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: A bit-too-tall sissy bar, Lock Ness pipes, wild seat with a cell phone stash/charge spot, silky smooth foot clutch, tank mounts, XRP plumbing, Wilwood 4-piston calipers, polished stainless rotors, 7 Metal West fender, Biltwell Whiskey throttle, one mini posh switch for all the electrics, Old Pioneer headlight, oil tank by Slim, asymmetrical Bars by Steffan over at Zombie, the best Sporty tank ever from Jay at SPCL '79, Tiny Tit taillight from Gabe at AHC and a cute little Pinner air cleaner from Kim Boyle at BCM

Thanks: I have to thank all the derelictos that comes around and hang out in the cheapskate garage, my rad wife, and Pops for instilling in me a love for the H-D, and for kicking it to life the first time 

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Commented on 1-18-2012 At 10:37 am

That taillight setup is TITS!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 10:43 am

that the cast MEoww!!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 10:44 am

that the cats MEoww!!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 10:46 am


Commented on 1-18-2012 At 11:58 am

i love it! i had my doubts about the bars when i was building them but after seeing them on the bike i think they are perfect!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 12:37 pm

That thing is tits! Love it!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 01:38 pm

Graduated up from a Sporty, nice! Spot on man, just right!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 03:13 pm

so good. i'd ride it just like that.

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 04:02 pm

duuude! Eli! got your bike on the front page of Chop Cult! holy crap!!!! I love it man congratulations! bike looks titties!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 05:06 pm

Nice work Eli!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 05:14 pm

Eli, that thing looks like too much fun to ever get off it. Great job man!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 05:19 pm

Great Bike !!
Love the pipes ...

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 05:51 pm

Hey! Stoked the beast made it up on here! Thanks Bill!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 06:32 pm

sweet bike. cool mounts. ba bars

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 06:37 pm

Great Job! wanna see some wheelie shots dammit!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 08:26 pm

no need for paint. great bike.

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 09:42 pm

alice is sexy as hell nice job

Commented on 1-19-2012 At 05:23 am

gotta love bare metal. i dig the pipes too.

Commented on 1-19-2012 At 05:37 am

WD40 and gooooooooo....cracks are easier to spot when it's raw....that sissybar and those pipes WILL crack.................

Commented on 1-19-2012 At 07:12 am

Nice Work Eli. Really like the overall composition and stance!

Commented on 1-19-2012 At 07:12 am

Nice Work Eli. Really like the overall composition and stance!

Commented on 1-19-2012 At 03:48 pm

Looks sweet man!

Commented on 1-21-2012 At 11:35 am

What a perfectly awesome chopper!

Commented on 1-21-2012 At 01:56 pm

Eli <bike looks bitchin!!! thanks for letting me be a part ! you are the man... i love it when people finish thier shit and actually ride it!!! I KNOW YOU WILL! SLIM

Commented on 1-22-2012 At 10:01 am

Thanks for looking fellas, more pics and build junk over at the blog,


Commented on 9-2-2012 At 12:41 am

tall and slim, the way bikes should be

Commented on 10-7-2013 At 06:13 am

Those pipes are SWEET!!!

Commented on 2-13-2014 At 06:26 pm

Very cool, love those ness Springers.

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