DePalma's Prize


DePalma Clothing has been hyping this contest for months, and today the winner will be announced. Before that lucky bastard gets his paws on it, we wanted to showcase DePalma's prize one last time for ChopCult dreamers. Kudos Chris and crew at DePalma Clothing for gifting one lucky citizen with this fine Sporty.


To see the DePalma Shop Chop in early stages of development, click here

For news about the winner, visit the DePalma website

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Commented on 4-30-2010 At 06:26 am

Pipes, bars, paint ... that bike is rad.

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 06:52 am

They seem to have misspelled my name. ARGH!

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 08:16 am

i cant believe how awesome this bike turned out. it was looking pretty rough when it started. everyone did a great job!

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 09:40 am

... and the winner is: David Colletti of Dallas, TX. David, are you here?

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 09:53 am

Love the oil tank.

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 10:41 am

i love everything about this bike besides the rabbit ears

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 11:10 am

Who built it?

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 11:40 am

Nice paint work. Not crazy about the bars, but the rest is spot on.

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 12:04 pm

Killer job SLIM!!! Stuff keeps getting better!

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 12:27 pm

Damn!! Thought I had it for sure!

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 02:04 pm

That's me David Coletti from Dallas,tx. AKa Mike McKenna from Stockton, Ca.
Thanks. I'll be there soon to pick it up.

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 05:40 pm

^ (AKA Mike McKenna) That was funny. Congrats to David -- winning that bike is like winning the lotto!

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 09:15 pm

absolutley beautiful bike

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 09:38 pm

This competition was rigged! Rigged, I tell you! It's worse than boxing. ;_;

Commented on 4-30-2010 At 10:01 pm

while not being a true sportster fan, this is the ballsiest XLH that i have seen since way back!

Commented on 5-1-2010 At 05:45 am

cool liking that oil tank

Commented on 5-1-2010 At 11:37 am

That sporty is the tits. Congrats.

Commented on 5-3-2010 At 11:27 pm

the guy who won it is one lucky bastard!

Commented on 3-4-2012 At 12:33 am

that is an all around cool bike

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