The word “chopper” means so many different things to different people. But the old timers that were part of the original movement knew that each bike they built was a statement of individuality, showcasing their true personality. When someone hears the word “chopper”, they automatically picture a chopped out, Harley Davidson. But those true to the lifestyle know that many of the foreign bikes were also chopped into some iconic bikes throughout the years.



This particular bike was built around a 1979 CB750 single overhead cam motor, which as you can see is an awesome spectacle of a machine. This bike was built for Jay Asp by AJ Brown, owner of Chop Shop Motorsports out of Keller, Texas. He started by using a twisted Sugar Bear 12 over springer front end and then hardtailed the frame to get the stance that Jay was looking for. They moved on to the wheels, using a 19-inch front rim and 16 inch rear to achieve the perfect stance for this build. After the roller was complete, AJ moved on to adding a one-off king and queen seat pan, rabbit ear style bars, and a twisted sissy bar to complement the front end. There were plenty more one-off parts to complete before AJ was satisfied, so he added a wasp gas tank, modified HD oil bag, and narrowed rear fender. Finally, he moved on to smaller details like teardrop headlights and chrome pieces to complement the final stance of the bike. AJ reached out Jay to get his approval of the finished roller and with a very happy customer; they agreed the bike was ready for teardown and paint. They moved on to breaking down the motor and AJ, who also has an in-house powder coating facility, powder coated the motor oyster white with tan case paint to complete the bike’s final paint scheme.


I met with AJ for a few beers the day of the shoot, and I can tell you he’s passionate about his builds and his business as a whole. He definitely puts out some quality work. So, if you are in the Dallas area and need some custom work or powder coating, don’t hesitate to call AJ.



Owner name, location: Jay Asp

Built by AJ Brown - Keller, Texas

Engine, year, and make, model, modifications: 1975 Honda CB750

Frame: Hardtail



Fork: +6 Twisted Springer

Chassis mods: Hardtailed and all other Chopper mods.

Tire/wheel size and style: 100/90 19 inch front spoked wheel and 130/90 16 inch spoked wheel



Favorite thing about this bike: Paint and Front End

Next modification will be: Chrome wheels



AJ would like to thank ChopCult for featuring this build, and Jay Asp for allowing him to make this CB750 a true show stopper. He would also like to thank all of his customers for allowing him to do what he loves on a daily basis. Give him a follow on Instagram, Chop Shop Motorsports.



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Commented on 12-28-2015 At 09:55 am

Dammit that's rad as hell!

Commented on 12-28-2015 At 11:33 am

that's all kinds of bad ass awesomeness !

Commented on 12-28-2015 At 02:01 pm

AJ is the man! He powdercoats shit for me sometimes.. super nice dude and turn around is fast. Customer satisfaction is important to him you can tell.

Commented on 12-28-2015 At 06:58 pm

good looking chop

Commented on 12-30-2015 At 09:35 pm

They switched to Dual Overhead Cams in 1979. Must be a 1978 bike?

Commented on 12-31-2015 At 08:03 am

1979 sohc was probably a typo up top. It says below it's a '75.

Commented on 1-1-2016 At 10:24 pm

Great bike , they used to be a common sight here in OZ at one time but now they are very rare here , that bike takes me back to my misspent youth . I should say that not many were built to such a high standard as AJ has done with that one , a credit to his skill .

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