David Mann Chopperfest, Ventura, CA


Before bits and bytes and the blogosphere, artists shaped the culture of choppers with torches, grinders, paint and vision. One such craftsman was legendary Easyriders' contributor David Mann. Mr. Mann's visual allegories on American society and the saddle tramp's place in it were regular features in this once profound publication. Even after his untimely passing, David's eye for "the lifestyle" remains the blueprint for legions of men and machines who ride America's backroads with purpose and freedom.


SoCal motorcycle fanatics gathered at the Ventura Country Fairgrounds early December to celebrate this American artist and to ogle the custom bikes his paintings have helped inspire. The combination of perfect weather, good friends, great motorcycles and the spirit of the holiday season makes this event special, and this year was no exception. Cool vendors hawked holiday baubles and old bike tidbits while cool cats on crusty iron made their entrance on the ribbon of pavement that runs through the length of the venue. Given its proximity to Christmas, the David Mann Chopperfest is a spectacle that could only happen in Southern California. There's too much snow on the ground at other bastions of biker goodness to support a scene like this.

Thanks to the promotors and vendors who keep the DMCF thriving and fun. Congratulations to the bike show winners, and props to the magazine editors who turn their back on family responsibilities three weeks before Christmas to give this event the exposure it deserves.

Happy Holidays.

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Commented on 12-20-2010 At 10:21 am

Amazing photos and bikes!

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 12:03 pm

Another 75 degree southern California December day, This was the west coast chopper show of the year!

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 01:11 pm

Not many recognize the gold hidden in the parking lot at these events aside from those on the lawn! (Psss... that's where the rainbow ends baby~)

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 02:34 pm

Gosh...sick...some really sick bikes.

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 03:08 pm

man, single cylinder iron head.... wild

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 03:23 pm

Loving the paint on most of those bikes. Especially the Trumpy with the crazy candy in the title. Sweet. Wanna see more of that.


Commented on 12-20-2010 At 04:16 pm

I haven't seen any of these single cylinder shovels before..
So what's the story with them?

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 05:03 pm

Looks like a buell blast with a lot of modification

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 05:29 pm

I have such bike envy after seeing these.

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 06:21 pm

Why are the photos edited like this? Fuck.

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 08:53 pm

"...Single cylinder iron head...WoW!" Brother, I couldn't have said it better... Been AGES since I seen a goose neck chop... Great photo expose' once again. Thanks! =)

Commented on 12-20-2010 At 09:22 pm

im STILL looking for the single cylinder "shovel"....

Commented on 12-21-2010 At 10:16 am

"Why are the photos edited like this? Fuck."

Not sure what you're talking about, BeerWolf. Be more specific...

Re: single cylinder shovel: there isn't one. It's an ironhead sporty that's had its tranny chopped off and one cylinder removed/crankcase capped. Red pillion dirt track fender/seat combo, silver swingarm frame.

Commented on 12-21-2010 At 02:54 pm

I stand corrected...and would this have been originally done for some kind of

Commented on 12-21-2010 At 04:45 pm

The " XLP" belongs to my mechanic and longtime friend Gary Peacemaker....and he built his bike to blow your mind!!!!, there are a lot of trick, hand made parts on that thing!!!

I got the honors of laying the pinstripe on the machine.

Commented on 12-21-2010 At 06:52 pm

I think the "edited" photos are merely the result of exposure and the harsh sun that was shinning in the sky on this perfect December-in-Southern-California day... unless you're talking about the cropping, and then you have to take into account the mere numbers of cool ass shovels, pans, knuckers' and of course both Ironheads and Sportsters that made singling out a bike almost impossible when shooting... either way, So Cal has this (one) thing right! (We have enough other problems that we, as a state, can continue to ignore, so we ask you to please do the same). Peace Out.

Commented on 12-21-2010 At 08:15 pm

awesome bikes and great pics!! loved looking through these!

Commented on 12-22-2010 At 11:30 pm

The "xlp" single cylinder iron head took an award at the show and the judges certainly noticed the effort it took to come up with that set-up.(one-off intake manifold,big-twin tranny,capped off front cylinder) The kind of details that may be overlooked by the untrained eye.Two thumbs up Gary Peacemaker

Commented on 12-29-2010 At 10:47 am

Good stuff, wish I was there.

Commented on 12-30-2010 At 01:13 am

pretty sure my head would have exploded, had I been there

so much cool shit to look at!

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