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Dan Midwest, from Triple Six Crew Death Company, calls this rattle can red beast "Robert Redford," and I have to say I get the pun. This bike hardly has sex symbol status and really is nothing special to look at. But, that's where I see the beauty in it. Heck, it might even draw some hate from folks saying it’s not worthy of a feature, but I beg to differ. If you go below the surface of what a work-horse like this is about, you realize that there is more than meets the eye. There is beauty in the functionality and quirky little details, like a big-titted gremlin bell.


I’m intentionally going to wax on a little about what "chopper reality" is for many of us. When running a biz and/or working a couple of jobs it’s not always easy to deal with the demands of a show quality bike. I myself wrench way less than I like to admit, while trying to balance the demands of work and events. Sometimes, you just need a bike that fills in as the mistress getting the job done reliably and without all the high maintenance that a show quality bike entails. I see Dan wrenching on this little number regularly. In a few short conversations I could see and appreciate his utilitarian and comical approach to this rabbit-eared rider. Being that Dan runs a fairly well-known chopper clothing line, I think it’s fitting that he’s not so pretentious that he only rides the finest of Panhead long bikes. Riding motorcycles and having fun is what it’s all about, after all.


This mistress/workhorse relationship many dudes have with their "daily" is not one we talk about much but it’s an important one that separates riders from posers. Frankly, the relationship you have with a bike you can ride hard and slap around in the corners while not worrying about consequences is a good one.  Show quality chrome queens have their place, but most guys that are serious about riding and living in the culture have a dirty little secret just like Dan's red slut pictured here. I see no shame in it. Plus, now that I have penned this feature in this way, I can say that Dan's mistress is Robert Redford. How about a t-shirt Dan? "My Mistress is Robert Redford" LMAO.  



So, this one is for the workhorses of the chopper world that are under-appreciated, well priced, and eagerly take our asses from a to b without too many complaints. I just started a thread dedicated to these workhorse machines that are all guts and little glory. Let’s see your mistress, daily rider or between-builds ride. Duct tape, bad welds and hose clamps score style points in this case.


Keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.





Owner name, location: Dan Midwest

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: A Harley Davidson Sportster from the year my favorite movie, Ghost came out.

Frame:  Needs repainted.



Fork: Under.

Chassis mods: No shock things

Tire/wheel size and style: Rubber. Always needing air.

Favorite thing about this bike: That it runs when it's not broken.



Next modification will be: Maybe some new dice.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Sketchy bars and an old king/queen seat

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I love bad bitches that's my fucking problem.



Thanks to: PMD. Kile. The Brothers Guidry. Nick the Greek. The Gents Wrench. Diabetes Devin. Zack Dontinstagram. Any girl who's ever shown me her boobs. And drugs.


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Commented on 9-4-2014 At 09:30 am

Stock frame? Shopping for frames/hardtails, trying to get a feel for the look of what's out there. Looks great!!!!

Commented on 9-4-2014 At 11:08 am

That's a bad bitch right there, Evo Sportys are so dependable and take a pounding like a pornstar during a ganbang. Love it! If it ever comes up for sale let me know.

Commented on 9-4-2014 At 12:07 pm

dig it got me a ratty everyday sporty myself

Commented on 9-4-2014 At 01:22 pm

Awesome, Ive got a rigid Evo sportster, and I also love boobs and drugs! We must be brothers from another...

Commented on 9-4-2014 At 05:44 pm

i've put about 80,000 miles on mine, and it's only broken down 15 or 16 times! all the purists hate sporties. not me. it's what i can afford.

Commented on 9-4-2014 At 08:38 pm

I get it. The work horse, not a show bike and all that but goddamn what a lazy build.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 01:32 am

Hey now cardinal not all of us can be like CRFyou and have the niftiest pans and trumpets. This bike looks like it starts every time and you can trust it on a half assed long trip. There are show chops and street chops, this right here is a street chop.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 04:17 am

Great bike Dan!!! Nice write up Bear.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 05:38 am

Awesome - I love 4 speed Evo Sporties. This one has a great look and stance. Simple and bulletproof.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 10:04 am

My grandmother once told me that if I can't say something nice I shouldn't say anything at all. In this case I won't say anything.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 10:55 am

Very practical. It's not a show bike, it is a rider. Good write up. Fuck a bike that sits in a garage.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 01:32 pm

Really, who gives a fuck, this is a rider. Everyone has to be so f-ing judgmental. If this dude built his bike and he digs it, so what. If this was a knuckle, pan, or shovel that wouldnt be rust on thoes rabbit ears, it would be "patina". Sorry we all cant be "master builders" or be born with pockets full of money.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 03:44 pm

Love it. Haters can suck it.

Commented on 9-5-2014 At 06:16 pm

nice bike ...don't let the negative comments bother you.Just ride brother.

Commented on 9-6-2014 At 12:35 am

I don't think the long winded intro was necessary. No need for excuses for this bike, I don't think anyone would say it's not worthy of a feature . . it's a real nice machine, IMHO.

Commented on 9-6-2014 At 06:52 am

One mans meat is another mans poison!

Simple cool looking sporty. When ever I see sportster I always think hot rod. Rode a 74 sporty in stock frame for a few years and spent most of the time tuning that motor to run like a raped ape. I always got a kick out of the surprised looks it got when people finally caught up to me and asked...

"What the hell you got in that thing? A fucking Rocket!"

As a gear head, matters little to me what you ride or build. The fact that a person is willing to wrench on their own then ride the wheels off it! Props.
Long bike, bobbed bike, café, whatdafuckisit's! Man what ever makes your wheels turn.

If walking into a shop and writing a check for some other guy to build it. OK. But when asked "You build it?" Just say "No, such & such from so & so shop did it for me" Because it only takes a matter of few questions before the truth is seen. There is no shame having someone do work for you.

If you built it, cool, garage built, even cooler, have to admit those are the bikes that draw my attention more than the high priced show queens or shop built bikes. When a guy has very little money and has to use their back yard engineering skills to work past issues.

Head on a swivel out there.

Commented on 9-6-2014 At 12:52 pm

Its nice to get a write up on just a normal sporty. But the only reason why is because this dude has a clothing line. Everyone who is in the click of chopper world gets attention

Commented on 9-7-2014 At 04:38 pm

Sportster is an ohv flathead!!!!
Shovel, pan, knuck who gives a f--k!!
If its American and rolls, it is right like rain!!!
Big twins didn't enter WW2!!!! It was a 45"
Flathead with 25 horses!!!'

Commented on 9-11-2014 At 06:14 am

Nothing wrong with that bike at all. "workhorse" and "piece of crap" are NOT the same thing.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 07:04 am

This bike is awesome. If I saw it in the parking lot of Born fucking Free I'd say the same thing.... It's cool as fuck, but it's not a show bike... Fuck a show bike man, give me a bike I can RIDE to hell and back, wreck it a couple of times, put it away dirty and wet and then start it up first try the next morning and wheelie out my driveway... I'll take THAT bike.

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