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Have you ever met someone that makes you very uncomfortable, but at the same time just intrigues the hell out of you so much that you just want to get to know that person? Well, that is how I felt when I first met Danger Dan. He is one the most charismatic and humble guys you will ever meet and once you befriend him, there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for you short of giving you the last dollar in his pocket if he thought it would help you out.



Dan has his own Podcast show, Danger Dan’s Talk Shop, which has become very popular amongst all the dirt bags that like the no-bullshit talk and subjects of a guy who walks the walk and talks the talk. Dan’s work truck is his 1959 Panhead chopper, which he rides around the country to meet up with his interviewees while engaging in a chopper party or just traveling the country to attend a show. Dan is what you call a real biker, a guy who rides for the love of riding, not popularity or fame. He simply does it for the ride and nothing more. He is passionate about the adventure and never scared to hit the open road and face whatever challenges may arise.



Dan is not only great behind a mic, but he also has built some really cool choppers, one of which is also featured here. He built this killer 1959 Panhead around a chopperized frame that had been de-raked and then raked again. To his surprise, the bondo surprise uncovered a horribly welded gusset in the neck. He cut out the gusset, raked it a few degrees more to accept an extended Harley springer he acquired, and welded everything back together to get the stance he was going for. Dan decided on a 16” rear wheel and a 21” spool wheel for the front. He took a stab at lacing the wheel up and after three attempts, he finally got it right. He took the finished wheel to Old Wizard down the road to true it up for him and it was finally ready to slap on the old chopper. Dan made some forward controls out of old scrap metal found in the his old feed barn, and admits they aren’t the best, but hold up as long as he does some repair welding after every long trip. He did some more odds and ends on the chopper until he was able to call it complete and as you can see, he got a no-nonsense kick ass chopper that is capable of making any long trip. Dan made a deal with Scott of Chemical Candy Customs on a killer tank with some traditional flames, and a Devil Goat transfer to add to the completed build, which is where the name of the bike, Devil Goat emerged.



Dan is a great dude that loves all things motorcycles and is definitely a great guy once you get to know him. Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to his podcast on ITunes. I guarantee you will get hooked and will thank me later. If you ever have the pleasure to meet Dan face-to-face, introduce yourself, shake his hand, and you will have a friend for life. A great friend and human being that I have the pleasure to call my friend. -Jason


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Commented on 9-11-2017 At 10:22 pm

Great bike and even better dude. Had the pleasure of a visit with him on his ride to boogie east a few months back. He's the real deal. I always enjoy and get a few good laughs too out of the podcasts when I'm able to catch up. Keep it up dude!

Commented on 9-13-2017 At 06:29 am

Fuck yea both of you guys are solid fuckers it was great meeting you bud and thanks for letting me veg out in your drivers seat. Fuckers so comfortable I almost fell asleep with a whiskey coke. Fuck yea dude happy for you!!! Now let's fuckin ride... Destroyer..

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