Coming Event: 8th Annual David Mann Chopperfest


If you live in California and you can still throw a leg over your hand-built death trap after last month's Thanksgiving feast, cruise to the Ventura County Fairgrounds this Sunday for the eighth annual David Mann Chopperfest. One of America's premier motorcycle shows and swap meets manages to outdo itself every year, and this weekend's event is sure to deliver on that tradition.

For anyone unfamiliar with the amazing life and untimely death of artist and biker David Mann, here's a history of this philanthropic event we culled from the website:

The history of Chopperfest in Ventura California is really a snapshot of America at its finest. Real people who think outside the box and who can translate those thoughts into visual beauty both functional and artistic. Originally the brainchild of David "Huggie" Hansen, Chopperfest became much more than a showcase for futuristic motorcycle design when famed artist David Mann died September, 2004.

The grief felt by the entire two-wheeled world found expression as those who loved and respected David lined the stage with Dave's widow at the first Chopperfest just three months after his death. The love for both the "artist" and the "lifestyle" he envisioned blended perfectly through a huge showing of his original art and an equally huge showcase of custom motorcycles.

Bike builders from across the nation came to both honor David Mann at his passing and welcome the birth of his signature event. Chopperfest is forever dedicated to the design, function and art of the motorcycle through those talented enough to create and those creative enough to appreciate talent.

If you come to Chopperfest this weekend, please visit us at the ChopCult booth directly across from the bike show area. There will be free stickers and sodas while supplies last.

Here are some photos from the 7th Annual David Mann Chopperfest in 2010:

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Commented on 12-5-2011 At 06:51 am

sat. mooneyes, sun. chopperfest!!


Commented on 12-5-2011 At 08:10 am

Kyle and I happen to be in town this coming weekend, so we will be at the David Mann Chopper Fest hanging out and ogling bikes!

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 08:47 am

Damn I miss Ventura!

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 11:13 am

See you there !

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 12:37 pm

Another of the many reasons to move back to the Left Coast!

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 12:53 pm

Great shots of some great bikes!

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 02:44 pm

I love the David Mann Chopper Fest. Good times with great people!!!!

Commented on 12-5-2011 At 07:55 pm

awesome pics...looking forward to seeing this years. Hopefully someday i can get out to it.

Commented on 12-6-2011 At 07:02 am

Awesome bikes !!
Any info on the one cylinder ironhead? Who built it?

Commented on 12-6-2011 At 05:10 pm

looking forward to this once again. I got friends with a booth(Born free Cycles) so I can ride and still by stuff!!
Look for Paul Wheelers entries this year....amazing and original!

Commented on 12-6-2011 At 05:18 pm

chopperfest is the best! I love the fact that its in my hometown too. love that city and love having an excuse like this to get back there!

Commented on 12-6-2011 At 05:18 pm

chopperfest is the best! I love the fact that its in my hometown too. love that city and love having an excuse like this to get back there!

Commented on 12-6-2011 At 06:30 pm

In there like swimwear.....from Italy

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 07:16 pm

soooooooooooooooo stooooooooookkkkkkkkkeeedddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented on 12-11-2011 At 01:58 am

awesome pics. wish live there heck i like to have a shirt from the show

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