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The dreaded winter blues are about to set in for many in our community. Sorry to mention it when you’re probably fighting it right now and feel absolutely miserable. Riders can experience symptoms such as sadness and anxiety. The thought of not riding for a few months can bum anyone out and the “needs” of upgrading can make anyone anxious. Upgrades normally bring financial worries, so I wondered how could help eliminate a fraction of your stress.


It was like the universe heard my request and, out of the blue, I heard from Lucas Joyner, owner The Factory Metal Works. Lucas graciously offered to donate a Unit Bolt-On hardtail for a 650 Triumph to one lucky member.



Lucas’ donation would help eliminate someone’s anxiety but what if we could help two more members? I started thinking about the website, most importantly, the forums and then the stars aligned. Lucas’s hardtail would cater to the British Forum, but what if ChopCult could offer a free hardtail for each build forum?


I called my good friend Pat Patterson, owner Led Sled Customs, to see if he would be inclined to help me with the American forum. He said yes before I was done with my pitch. Led Sled Customs is known for their devotion to Sportsters and is donating a hardtail that caters to Sportsters through 2003.




There was only one more forum to tackle; The Japanese Forum. In my eyes, there’s only one guy to speak to in that department and that would be David Roy, from Voodoo Vintage. It was like I was in the movie Groundhogs Day; I started to tell David my thoughts and, before I could finish, he asked, “What do you need? “ Most of you know I have a soft spot for the CB 750s so I asked David for the Model 40 -76-78 Honda CB750.


Well folks, Mr. Roy did the impossible; he’s offered one member the chance to upgrade their Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki motorcycle. Voodoo Vintage has over 30 different style hardtails to choose from, so the possibilities would be endless.


If you would like to enter this giveaway you must do the following:


1.) Add a photo of your motorcycle you would like to use the hardtail in the specific thread below;


British Build Thread  – The Factory Metal Works


American Build ThreadLed Sled Customs


Japanese Build ThreadVoodoo Vintage


*If you use Instagram please include your profile name to your entry.


2.) The winners have to create and update their own build threads in their dedicated forum, showing us their upgrades and build process.

An idea is only an idea until you have help from others to move it forward. Lucas, Pat and David have followed through with their kind donations so it’s only right the winners follow through with updating their build threads. These hardtails value from $200.00 to $500.00 and it’s VERY important that the donors receive cross promotion for their kind donation. Please don’t enter if you cannot follow through with our request.


I would like to thank Lucas, Pat and David for their ongoing support to and our community. Please follow their world and continue to support those who support you!


The Factory Metal Works website




Led Sled Customs website




Installation of a Led Sled Customs hardtail for Ironhead to 2003, which is also offered through Led Sled Customs' website.


Voodoo Vintage website




Installation of the Model 27 Hard Tail for the KZ1000 and KZ750 DOHC, which is also available from Voodoo Vintage.


I’ll announce the winners on December 15, 2015. Best of luck!


Thank you for your membership,



*Please note that Voodoo Vintage Harley-Davidson hardtails are excluded from this promotion.

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Commented on 10-12-2015 At 03:49 am

All take one for free.

Commented on 10-12-2015 At 02:00 pm


Commented on 10-12-2015 At 02:48 pm

Thank you Chop Cult for making this the most exciting place to be for a motorcycle enthusiast! :)

Commented on 10-12-2015 At 04:46 pm

This is an exciting project.

Commented on 10-14-2015 At 10:06 am

would love to have a hardtail again

Commented on 10-14-2015 At 04:27 pm

This is great! 33 the place to be!!!!!!!!!!

Commented on 10-14-2015 At 04:58 pm

Led Sled ....Factory Metal....Voodoo....Chop Cult....Thanks to all of you for all you do....This is a great give away...I have a 650 triumph chopper , an XS 650 that needs chopped.and a Shovelhead That I'm riding... I can't tell you that I would be able to do your generous gestures justice in a timely fashion if I was to win.....I suffer from too many projects ..So again...Thanks, and keep it up...RED JONSON.....

Commented on 10-29-2015 At 03:26 pm


Commented on 11-9-2015 At 03:53 am

Hello , Oh ya . Do i ever need a hard tail so bad . Right now I have a 77 kz650 , with a stretched swingarm . New project 1980 cb 650 , I am putting a hardtail on it . Going to do a full chop on the CB650. IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME if one of these KICKASS company s ( LED SLED ,FACTORY METAL , VOODOO ) Could help me with my project . And A BIG SHOUT OUT TO CHOP CULT . Thanxs for making it possible . Ride on brothers and sisters.

Commented on 11-14-2015 At 11:12 pm


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