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Since our first ChopCult Readership Survey way back in 2009, much has changed on the chopper landscape. Instagram and Facebook have shifted the balance of power in media to the hands of the people. Born Free and motorcycle events like it have changed the game by shining the spotlight on DIY builders and bootstrap capitalists, who now dominate the custom scene. Motorcycle camping and underground rides are exploding from coast to coast. In short, today's chopper scene is shapeshifting faster than even we could have imagined. 


To help us stay on top of the media habits, customizing trends, motorcycle styles and new gear that matters to you most, please take a moment to anser the questions in the ChopCult Readership Survey. Doing so will give us the data we need to custom tailor this website for a perfect fit.


To sweeten the deal, our friends at Biltwell are giving away five $100 gift cards to five lucky respondents we'll select at random January 1, 2014.


Early next year we'll publish the results of this survey so you'll know how your tastes and habits stack up with other members on the old 33.


From everyone at ChopCult, thanks for your participation and support.


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Commented on 12-12-2013 At 10:18 am

Do we get to see the results?

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 10:39 am

Done, and done..

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 11:14 am

@sandergecko - We will share them in January

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 12:09 pm

Nice and interesting

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 01:03 pm

chop cult has gone mainstream ? talking about trends and shit ?

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 01:24 pm


You don't remember Bill asking everyone to take a survey a couple years ago? The results showed us everyone owns a sportster.

You can search the site and see the results for the last survey.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 01:48 pm

cant say i did CRF sorry

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 02:04 pm

Did the survey but shit it felt like CC was doing a marketing research study. I understand sponsors want and need to sell stuff and therefore need information about the users of this site ... but man nothing about how we could improve the site or make the classifieds safer so nobody gets ripped off on here again.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 02:12 pm

I totally agree with AMFshovelheads. Also in my own personal opinion regarding the last question on the survey where it asks who you think the best overall builder is I think Slims Fab should have been an option. That dude is extremely talented. And yes I know Bison Motorsports was listed and Slim makes parts for them but he should've had his own spot on there. Again just my opinion.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 02:36 pm

We are working on making the classifieds safer and you see the results very soon.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 03:55 pm

I better win

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 04:03 pm

I completed it, just like I did the last time. I know that companies who run websites "need" to do this kind of thing, but I agree a little bit; it sorta seemed like a way to find out whether or not people would be interested in buying a new Biltwell tactical vest lined with Kevlar, or whether it's a good idea to bring a new "biker sleeping bag" to market. Some of the questions seemed to be literally a joke (no, I don't need a prescription!) and other seemed to be a little difficult to quantify or more like a popularity contest.

I'm sure that I don't understand exactly how all of this will be used and that's fine. I fully expect to see a spotlight interview with Skrillex though, now that ChopCult knows that I enjoy "DJ'ing/remixing" in my spare time. 8)

Love the 33; always have. Kinda having a "ho hum" feeling about this though.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 05:41 pm

need to add a "other" selection to a few of those bike/clothing questions. how high can you ollie??? ha! whos the dumb jock that wrote that one!

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 09:38 pm

Corporate money grab.

Commented on 12-12-2013 At 10:56 pm

No prob with the survey here.... Plus.... There's absolutely nothing with making money by providing a FREE site full of build advice and great ideas coming from mostly great people.

And, The "Classified" section is famous.

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 12:51 am

Way way way too many questions.

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 03:03 am

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Cynicism of this magnitude blows my fucking mind. I wrote the only previous CC readership survey in 2009, and members at that time applauded our attempt to glean insights into what makes this hobby/career of yours and mine tick. Said information was shared openly and freely with readers AND advertisers, but many of you obviously don't know that or couldn't be bothered to research it, based on prevailing sentiments in the comments above. Several of those advertisers who DID look at the data used it to offer parts and services people might actually buy, and what the hell is wrong with that? Without market research things like product design, event promotion, editorial content and classified mods are simply shots in the dark.

For the record, I helped ChopCult editors write this 2013 readership survey, and the job of tabulating the data will probably fall on my shoulders, too. I don't own or work for ChopCult anymore, but I was happy to volunteer these services because I prefer to live my life in a state of perpetual open-mindedness, positivity and intellectual growth.

I used to be a cynical know-it-all, but my life became more interesting and fulfilling when I sought the aid and counsel of people and organizations bigger and more enlightened than myself.

To the helpful and open-minded optimists that suffered the indignity of this "corporate money grab" as one CC member curiously put it, thanks for your participation and support.

Harold "McGoo" McGruther
Ex Chop-Cult co-founder

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 04:29 am

Done, no drama.

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 05:31 am

in it to win it ,,done, surveyed thanks

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 09:49 am

I totally understand the need for this survey. A bit long yes, but the industry WANTS our feedback, and we should be thankful for that... Otherwise, we'd all be riding candle apple colored softtails with chrome swingarms and 1 1/4" tube Apes....

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 02:27 pm

Only part I did not like was last question. Have delt with many of the vendors here and all were great and fast with responding to questions, just great service. Very hard to pick just 3.

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 04:03 pm

Took it no big deal. Kinda long but maybe itll get me 100 bucks

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 07:40 pm

stuck it out and finished lot of questions bordering on being to long. I have been into motorcycles for almost 50 years can not say I ever done much with bmx or skateboards what all that about?

Commented on 12-13-2013 At 08:18 pm

It will be interesting to compare to 2011. Here's the results from that one.

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 08:39 am

Stop being such crybabies and build bikes!

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 09:15 am

Well i just completed the survey. Are people from other contries eligable to win. I noticed all questions are geared to usa

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 11:33 am

Done...glad to hear that improvements are being made to the classified section. I have never had an issue, but 99% of my experience has been selling and not buying.

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 01:16 pm

Finished. And that was the longest survey I have ever done !

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 03:51 pm

Nine minutes. I timed it, reading some questions twice to make sure I got it right. NINE minutes?! Are we SO busy we can't invest nine minutes in the future of our most focused and dedicated FREE media and social network resource? I answered this questionnaire while sitting on the crapper. Multitasking, gentlemen—it's how you get shit done!

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 04:24 pm

Did I pass ?

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 04:45 pm

That was lame, just goes to show where this site is going. Where is the next cool place to hang out, Chop Cult Sux.

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 08:03 pm

No big deal, took about 15 minutes. I appreciate the fact that a free site like this will continue to evolve & STAY HERE. Hanging in there isn't easy Bros, let the crew tabulate the data & stay focused on who we are as a group.

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 08:16 pm

Fuck, that was long.

Commented on 12-15-2013 At 02:02 am

Where member "Goldie Locks" to tell me which bowl of porridge is too hot and which one is too cold but never ever eat the bowl that's just right...

"I'm here to complain. Nothing more. Just doing my part for the scene."

Commented on 12-15-2013 At 10:32 am

I appreciate everyone taking this survey and big thanks to Harold for help me create it. We will be using the information to help us move forward.There's no hidden agendas here, we are just concentrating on the future. Why do many people thinking there is some secret shit going on? Don't you make new goals every year to attain personally? Or do you sit idle, just giving the minimum to get by? For me, I look at what goals were achieved, celebrate the victories and concentrate on new goals. It's the only way to continue to grow.

Here's are some of Chop Cult's victories for 2013 -

- We lost some members after the sale due to the fear of change, yet there hasn't been any. I have followed the previous owners direction because it works. The new memberships continue to grow daily.

- Seasoned advertisers stayed on with us after the sale and continue to support us today. When I use the word US I mean us as a community. The only way this site remains free for you is because of the advertisers kind support. FYI - Every magazine that you read has advertising in it and you pay between $6.00 to $9.00 for each issue.

- New advertisers continue to join our community because they believe in us.

- S&S Cycles came aboard this year and for me this one was huge. They understand you use their product and in turn support you.

- Google ads were here now they are GONE. This is a huge victory for the site. This action allows the paying advertisers to get their money's worth. We also cross promote with them through our extensive social media outlets. This small action shows we work together and appreciate their ongoing support.

- Chop Cult sponsored and supported numerous grassroots events throughout the US. For 2014 we are sponsoring Mama Tried, NOR CAL Swap , Hippy Killer Hoedown, Just Kickers, Midwest Moto Swap, Born- Free 6 and David Mann Chopperfest to name a few.

Many folks here feel as there is a disservice going on. That fact is not even close to the truth. We aren't working this hard day in and day out to screw you. We do it so you have a place to share you talents and make friends in your community.

For 2014, we already have some beautiful cross promotions in the works that will benefit you. I would be thrilled if we could get the bitching to a dull roar and start coming together as a community. The negativity takes away from progress.

Again, thank you for your time and big thanks to Biltwell for their never ending support!

Commented on 12-16-2013 At 03:39 am

Geesh. Survey must have been written by non-riding marketing type. What are your favorite bike brands? Obscure custom or HD - what about Honda, Yamaha, etc? And what is with the f'n skateboarding crap? Duuude! Honestly, I was charitable since I realize you need this bs to sell ad space. But I would be willing to bet that more of the guys on this site buy stuff from parts suppliers like McMaster Carr than from trendy jeans companies! I work in sales and marketing and spend most of my free time in the basement welding up shit (during winter) or riding (during spring, summer, fall). The complete lack of seasons in your survey has CA written all over it!

Anyway - good luck. If you want a quick rewrite of the survey so that it is 75% less lame, just email me and I will rewrite it in a couple of hours (no charge to anyone).

Commented on 12-16-2013 At 11:33 pm

All good here.

Commented on 12-17-2013 At 03:29 pm

Had fun doing it Lisa, thanks.

As far a bitching, That won't ever stop. You could give some people a pail full of gold and they'd complain that it came in a tin can. Then curse you for not carrying it home for them.

Merry Christmas!

Commented on 12-17-2013 At 04:39 pm

Just came back and read some more of the comments on this after a few days. Lisa, I thought that your comment was great and congrats on the victories for 2013. I agree, a lot has changed about CC this past year, but aside from the ownership a lot of it seems to have more to do with the membership than with the functioning of the site. Of course, you can never replace McGoo's sharp-witted feature write-ups.

The change in the Google ads has been awesome; thx for that! So many people were really bummed when we started getting banner ads for make-up and Asian brides in the first several weeks after the sale. THen, for me at least, it became local car dealerships. Man, if I were in the market for a Kia it would have been a great time to buy!!! It seems as though the ads are focused back where they should be now though and that makes it feel much more like home.

As for the survey, maybe I don't remember all of the details from 2009 and I know that a lot of the questions were similar, but this one just felt, I dunno, more commercial. I think that the BMX and skateboard stuff, while intended to likely be a little break from the commercial-centered questions and give you a laugh may have reinforced the ever-present hipster phobia around here. And that last question, I agree, seemed like it was too limited in allowing you to choose only 3 "good" companies.

Anyway, I have rambled on as I often do, but thanks for those victories for 2013 as mentioned earlier, and best of luck for 2014. We'll still be here, and if Biltwell does release a tactical vest with Kevlar lining, I'm sure that it will be awesome, and sell well, haha.

Commented on 12-18-2013 At 05:10 pm

Got it done, ready to win.

Commented on 12-24-2013 At 06:11 pm

I took the survey and hope it helps but I really couldn't give honest answers to questions that didn't give an option other than what they wanted to hear. I buy most of my stuff from dudes here in the classifieds and am really happy with it. I like this site better than any of the others that I have used. I really now only go one other place and that is for tech help at a forum that is specific to my bike, but those guys get a little pissy when you start modifying so I leave that for here. All in all this is a great place and I've met some great people (met in an electronic way, only had one face to face with a fellow CCer, I work too much) Keep it like it is, it took me a loooooong time to find a place I felt at home.

Commented on 12-24-2013 At 06:11 pm

I took the survey and hope it helps but I really couldn't give honest answers to questions that didn't give an option other than what they wanted to hear. I buy most of my stuff from dudes here in the classifieds and am really happy with it. I like this site better than any of the others that I have used. I really now only go one other place and that is for tech help at a forum that is specific to my bike, but those guys get a little pissy when you start modifying so I leave that for here. All in all this is a great place and I've met some great people (met in an electronic way, only had one face to face with a fellow CCer, I work too much) Keep it like it is, it took me a loooooong time to find a place I felt at home.

Commented on 1-4-2014 At 03:33 pm

Sooooo, who won?

Commented on 1-18-2014 At 12:41 am

Are we close to seeing the results?

Commented on 1-20-2014 At 04:08 pm

Yeah, it's been 20 days now, what are the results? Who are the winners? What effect will the results have on the future direction of the board? Did the outcome of the survey indicate a need or desire for future changes? I hope we aren't all gonna have to grow scraggly beards and wear skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up and plaid shirts to log in now are we?

Commented on 1-20-2014 At 07:44 pm

We are working on the results and will feature them shortly.

Commented on 1-22-2014 At 05:55 pm

FYI- The winners have been chosen, I PM each one and the gift cards from Biltwell are being delivered. Their names will be mentioned in the upcoming feature. Thanks to all who took the time to fill the survey out.

Commented on 1-27-2014 At 04:05 pm

Well I didn't get no PM so I guess that makes me a la-la-la-looza.

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