Casey's Panhead


There are few classier machines than an old panhead devoid of unnecessary trinkets and doo-dads. Just a solid, practical old bike. Cacey's bike is a fine example of this rare breed. No big display of master craftsmanship or superfluous decoration; just a mile-eating, smile-generating American motorcycle built to outlast any trends or hipster hijinx.



Owner name, location: Casey B. Smith, Roseville, CA 

Bike name: Irene 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1956 Panhead FLH '74 c.i.d.

Frame: '57 panhead straight leg rigid

Fork: Wide Glide 

Chassis mods: Just added footboard tab mounts

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" rear  star hub with a Avon MK II, 5.00-16"; 19" front star hub with rear Avon 4.00-19 65S

Favorite thing about this bike: I love the tanks I found it like that painted when I got this as a project bike. It's got a custom weld burn mark by the gas cap courtesy of a chopper building legend while getting the rear mounts rewelded since it was leaking gas all over the place. It gives the bike character

Next modification will be: Strengthen up rear ford fender for passengers (Mikey D)??? Lower triple tree trade out to put in bells and a Hydra glide headlight cover with a stock front break and eventually a sidecar for my Dog Gunner! Oh yeah, and some new pipes. 

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I put in a mag I got off the net and I got some custom risers and bars from Bryan Hall that he got from lil mike..Lil mike spent countless hours tweaking on the risers.Thanks Lil Mike. I got a 56 plate that I got registered to the bike yellow and black that I love to death and got a old drag specialty knight tail light from a good bud JB. Thanks guys 

As Casey tells it: When I first got the bike my bud John Barry went with me to check it out. After John and I inspected the bike we found shavings all over in the cam area. So John insisted we pull it all apart and split the cases. We did and built that motor from scratch. John also helped with rebuilding my transmission. So after that it was lining stuff up and welding this and that and putting it all together and viola! A running '56 pan back on the road. Its first maiden voyage was an epic 1000-mile plus road trip with good friends Scotty, Kevin and Brandon down Highway One through some fun places

Thanks: John Barry. Without him I would still be looking at this project dumfounded. One of the most giving people I have ever met!  Check his blog out

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Commented on 8-10-2011 At 08:23 am

awesome pan. i absolutely love seeing old choppers geared up to actually be ridden.sweet bike man

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 08:40 am

whoo hoo Casey ! my dad is smiling at these shots

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:02 am

As much as I love my pan - I am having serious pan-envy right now

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:05 am

its a pans world

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:27 am

What are you waiting for? Strengthen up that rear fender already!

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:45 am

This is what it's all about- riding.

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:46 am

nice work absolutly perfect....

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 10:17 am

Roseville is a little funky, but its close to tahoe, some nice roads up there. Little jealous...

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 10:55 am

Thanks guys and mike fender will be done asap so we can go for a romantic ride biker style Hahah

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 10:56 am

Mike if ur dad is smiling at my bike I'm super pumped... Your dad rules!!!

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 02:24 pm

Why are we so obsessed with these machines? Is it because they are works of art? Is it because they are handcrafted by supreme artisans? Is because they have a great history with lots of stories to be told? Or is it because we just love to ride... to me it is a combination of all the above, but without the ride, you might as well be into ceramics...

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 09:08 pm

I like it!

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 10:54 pm

Casey really rides that bike, even when it gets a big flat and he finds he's got a poopy glove!

Commented on 8-10-2011 At 11:47 pm

with only one word! nice!!!!!

Commented on 8-12-2011 At 04:17 am

Iowa Hill Mayor, Casey! Bombaklaat!

Commented on 8-12-2011 At 04:26 pm

Front brakes are always smart....otherwise the frontend is perfect, BUT some guys like their women with FAT legs.....I prefer slim and muscular legs. When I built my Shovelhead, the first mod to the frontend was cleaning up the bottom tree....cutting off the COWbell tabs. Sorry Irene, I tried. FTW, Shooter

Commented on 8-23-2011 At 07:46 pm

Look ma no hands. Great background story to

Commented on 8-23-2011 At 07:46 pm

Look ma no hands. Great background story to

Commented on 3-19-2012 At 12:51 pm

ooooohh thats a cool scoot through and through

Commented on 6-29-2014 At 10:09 am

The craftsmanship lies in Casey keeping honest to the bike. Keeping it functional and simple. I think I would prefer a narrow front end, or, as Casey says, putting the flh or glide dressing on the front end.


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