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In the age of the self-appointed internet master-builder, it's refreshing to come across an honest soul. Cary Brobeck's take on things isn't very serious but his motorcycle is seriously neat. Here's what he's got to say: I don’t consider myself to be a bike builder, more like a bike put’r together’r. I have very limited welding skills, and even less fabrication skills. I prefer to just do what all hard core bikers do… buy “vintage” parts from my ebay iphone app while sitting in starbucks. That’s one of the main reasons why there is very little fab work on this bike. Tank and fender mounts account for 95% of all fab work done on this thing.



Owner name, location: Cary Brobeck, Duarte CA

Bike name: Pan-sexual, The Pan-ocha, The Pan-zee.  Take your pick, I never named it.

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1958 FLH Panhead

Frame: The original frame had some really jankey welds so I sold it and invested in a V-Twin repop.

Fork: 6 over

Chassis mods: Black powder coat

Tire/wheel size and style: 18” WM 3 on the back, 21” WM 0 on the front.

Favorite thing about this bike: It got me to San Felipe, Ensenada, Lego Land and home with no problems.

Next modification will be:
Change back fender to mount king and queen better, Or……. Just keep the bungee cord mounting system, I haven’t decided yet.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Nothin fancy on this bike.  Just a good ol’ fashion chopper; foot clutch, jockey shift, no front brake, or as the cool kids call it, a true suicide clutch.  After crossing the Mexican border I know why they call it that.

Thanks to:
Paul, Mad Mike, Mikey, and Scrotum over at Spitfire.  Matt the Monk for building the motor…….Twice!  What you mean a 53 year old motor doesn’t like going 95 mph in 100 degree heat for an hour???  Jason Wilson for the front end, Sweet Baby James and Wayne Wreck for the righteous wizard paint, and all the DLMC guys for putting up with me breaking down on every ride, this one is solid though guys. 

Be sure to check out Hopper Mag

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Commented on 6-6-2011 At 04:52 am

Simple and Perfect.... Keep the Bungees, it fits...

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 07:58 am

So awesome. My kind of fabrication. Honesty is the next period correct.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 08:29 am

There are really no words...

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 08:38 am

Don't change a thing! Love it!

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 09:58 am

Cary Brobeck, you have a damn fine bike, and a wry sense of humor to boot.

Ebay, iPhone app, Starbuck...nice.

But, just for the sake of completeness and making my post ChopCult-correct: What the hell, dude!? This is CHOPCULT, not MODCULT. That thing is as crappy as that chocolate turd bike we had to look at last month. I still owe that f-er a punch in the mouth.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 10:12 am

I dig the paint

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 10:14 am

really... nobody has said it yet? That bike is totally wizard!!!

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 10:27 am

there is nothing better than a pan with a 6 over frontend... nothing!

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 11:03 am

looks to me like your a swell put'r together' bungee=good idea.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 12:26 pm

support your local douche!

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 12:31 pm

sweet pan. i dig it alot.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 01:02 pm

lovely...gosh, I need a pan. Almost willing to trade a kidney.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 03:06 pm

Pantstic indeed! Nice to read about a fellow put-together-er.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 06:11 pm

i think someone who would put a bike together like that one must be a real douche.....

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 07:16 pm

where's BobberCult?!?I guess long frontends are cool if you need a penis extender...I like to ride on the street like I ride in the dirt AND turn without the frontend wassssshing OUT!!FTW, Shooter

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 07:32 pm

funny...Its cool to here someone being honest for a change. I think I saw a 1/4 of this bike in one of the pics KIRK posted in the el dioblo run thread and I was dying to see it...thanks for featuring it.

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 08:32 pm

cary your so hot

Commented on 6-6-2011 At 11:06 pm

nice ride! apparently cool guy! keep it up like this!

Commented on 6-7-2011 At 03:07 am

sick ride i love being a bike put’r together’r as well

Commented on 6-7-2011 At 03:47 am

Panhead, rigid, extended narrowglide, z-bars, king/queen seat, over/under headlight, brass skeleton, horseshoe oil tank, tailight on sissybar, .....

I just love this bike for some reason!

Commented on 6-7-2011 At 12:59 pm

Rules of cool:

If you have a modern bike and you put a "Douche" sticker on it, you may be a douche. (Unless you are currently or were formerly a professional skateboarder/BMX rider/MX Rider/snowboarder.)

If you have a pan and you put a "Douche" sticker on it, people will buy you beers.

Commented on 6-7-2011 At 06:11 pm

This makes me miss my 48EL61

Commented on 6-7-2011 At 08:40 pm

This bike run like he'll and I get the pleasure to touch it once and awhile...

Commented on 6-8-2011 At 02:54 pm

beautiful pan-ocha


Commented on 6-10-2011 At 02:07 am

Ugliest seat I've ever seen . . . brilliant paint, but!

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