Born-Free 7 Invited Builders Videos


Do you feel a constant unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach? I know I do and I’m not even building a bike for Born-Free. Anticipation is at an all time high for every person that is competing for a nod during Born-Free. With less than a week away, most are stressed, dirty, hungry and sleep deprived. I call it the Born-Free flu. The symptoms last a few months, but seem to dissipate as soon as the builder hits the Born-Free grounds. The lack of sleep is forgotten and elation takes over. There are 25 Invited Builders for Born-Free 7, each bringing his own style. Here’s a few of the builders videos for you to enjoy.


*Videos were borrowed from the Born-Free Show You Tube Channel.


Uwe Ehinger


Paul Cox


Visionary Cycle Products


Mick Evangelista


Jeff Leighton


Big Nick Zazzi


Arie Vee


Roland Sands


Jason Webber


Oliver Jones


Dalton Walker


Hunter Klee


Matt Jackson


Go Takamine


Scott Stopnik Sr.


Trevelen Rabanal


Jon Rispante


Bobby Middleton


Jordan Dickinson


Kyle Edger



Make sure you stop by the Street Chopper booth at Born-Free 7 and vote for your favorite builder. The winning builder will receive the People's Choice Award. The BEST OF SHOW winner will be chosen from the crowd and will be invited to the 24th Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. 


Full Born-Free 7 Invited Builders videos can been seen on the Motornation Network, premium edition. Be sure to visit the ChopCult booth during Born-Free and if you can’t make it follow us on Instagram. We’ll be sharing coverage during the weekend.


Best of luck and see you soon!


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Commented on 6-18-2015 At 12:44 pm

Hell yes! Thanks for posting these!!!

Commented on 6-18-2015 At 02:57 pm

Can't wait to see the final products. I'm diggin Scott Stopnik's build. That seat is awesome!!

Commented on 6-19-2015 At 06:00 am

Arie V's vid is the best. LOL

Commented on 6-19-2015 At 06:00 am

Arie V's vid is the best. LOL

Commented on 6-19-2015 At 11:21 am

the Matt Jackson Video is sick...

Commented on 6-19-2015 At 09:42 pm

Wishing I could make it this year. I really want to see JP Rodman's Shovelhead.

Commented on 6-25-2015 At 07:05 am

Love the On Any Sunday homage! (wait, is that even how you spell that...?)

Commented on 6-25-2015 At 04:16 pm

Any one else notice the re appearing same mock up wheels? The common comments and little future plan details that all imitated one another or the common sarcastic theme once you have watched them all?

Commented on 6-28-2015 At 01:35 am


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