Book Review: Living the Life by Q-Ball


Thirty years of Life on the road brings experiences that can't be had anywhere else. Thankfully, Chop Cult member Q-Ball has been documenting his ride along this rough and rowdy path through the lens of his trusty camera. His new book Living the Life combines a collection of these images along with prose from road poet Sorez the Scribe for a perfect paring of word and image.


It took decades for Q-Ball to decide to share these images with the world. He struggled with what to write, what words could possibly accompany such photographs? Cheesy captions, made up from scratch many years after the fact just wouldn't do. Poetry isn't something many of us are experts on around here, but the Scribe's gritty and romantic poems are a rich complement, and were just the catalyst required to let Q-Ball feel comfortable showing his work to the world.


Published by another Chop Cult member, Mr. Boh, who is also responsible for the new magazine out of Baltimore called Lowside, the hard-bound book is an exercise in restraint. With much contemporary graphic design cluttering up dramatic photos, it's a welcome respite to see a clean layout, elegant in it's simplicity, that lets the written word and high-contrast imagery take center stage. In addition to being showcased in the book, many of the best photography is also available in poster form, perfect for framing.


Living the Life was a good choice for the title. It's not so much about the individual or the exact machine they happen to be on, however important and central those details may be. It's about the road less travelled and how much richer that road is on two wheels. Many of these souls are gone now, the Life as they knew it, evaporated. But, through the pen and the lens, we all get a brief glimpse at what that it looked like. The question now, to all of us is: Are we Living the Life?


Available through Lowside Syndicate, for $40. 18X24 prints are $10.

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Commented on 3-19-2010 At 09:41 am

I envy the guys that can live their life on their own terms and not care if they are a member of the herd or a slave to pop culture. I once was told by a soul a lot more experienced than I “all we bring to our grave with us is our memories”. I am glad someone has documented this philosophy with photos and captions. I look forward to the read. Tim

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 01:02 pm

Looks like a pretty good book to let people check out, sitting on the coffee table...

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 01:20 pm

Want to check it out, that would make a nice b-day gift (for me of course).

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 05:58 pm


I wish you were here so I didn’t have to write this. Somehow my words seem hard to pick, and inadequate by comparison to your ability to see, and express.

I am humbled and touched. It’s been a tough sell, and the process of putting my book together has drained years of energy from me. You have revitalized me. You would make a great leader/coach.

Thank you, I am in your debt. Hope one day to meet you on the road.

Long May You Ride,

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 06:05 pm

Qball is a good man who takes great photos. I adore this guy, and the book rules. If you don't have a copy you should, because I say so.

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 06:06 pm

Qball is a good man who takes great photos. I adore this guy, and the book rules. If you don't have a copy you should, because I say so.

Commented on 3-19-2010 At 08:36 pm

this sounds like a good book it will be in the reading room soon

Commented on 3-20-2010 At 03:44 pm

I ordered an autographed copy when it first came out... I can't wait to get it!

Commented on 3-20-2010 At 06:58 pm

Sounds like a great book, I'll try to bring one to Brazil from Amazon or something..

Commented on 3-21-2010 At 05:11 am

Me gonna get. Me gonna get soon. LIkey-likey!

Commented on 3-21-2010 At 07:31 am

THIS BOOK IS GREAT! Great Pix. Great writing. A must have for anyone.

Commented on 3-22-2010 At 04:36 am

Great idea
true bikers are to be admired, a great lifestyle, and in their own right the best way to live, 'ride free', have a think about that next time you go for a ride

Commented on 3-22-2010 At 12:39 pm

Bill, thanks for the review . Also thanks to all that have picked up a book from us and dig it. I am honored to have Q-ball let me bring his book to life. Lowside Syndicate made sure his and Sorez's work was captured in print the best we could make happen. Q-ball and Sorez's work are timeless and it will make you appreciate the images and poetry that reminisce of days most of us young bloods will never know. I admire and respect the lifetime of work the two have put into this project and am truly grateful to be the one to put it in ink. Q-Ball is the real deal and am honored and privileged to be working with such a talented artist and righteous man. Many say this was not the best time to put what you got on the line to make a book of this caliber but after you see and read it you will understand why we had to make it happen. It speaks to all people that respect those that really live and have lived the life as a biker.

Commented on 3-22-2010 At 07:45 pm

Can't wait to get this book, Q-ball's photos are just killer.

Commented on 3-22-2010 At 07:45 pm

Can't wait to get this book, Q-ball's photos are just killer.

Commented on 3-22-2010 At 11:33 pm

man how cool is that little dude flipping the bird!

Commented on 3-23-2010 At 05:47 pm

I just ordered mine this morning. I'm psyched. Q-Ball sent me a thank you note BEFORE I ordered a copy. It sped up my purchase.


Commented on 3-29-2010 At 10:20 pm

I just ordered the book and the Lowside magazine...the book sounds great from the reviews, and being a Maryland'r myself, I have to support the home team and get the magazine too...I hope it's very successful so I can get a subscription to it if they become looks like it's a good mix of everything I live for!!!

Mr. Boh....Good luck on the sale of the book and likewise to the success of the magazine...I'll try to drum up some business for you over here on the Eastern Shore!!!

Larry in MD

Commented on 4-2-2010 At 07:38 am

Bill & The Chopcult Crew,

Thanks for the kind words & support.
Hope to see you all on the road.

Long May You Ride,

Commented on 10-13-2013 At 04:28 pm

Doug Barber's photographs are wonderfully evocative of an era when bikers were really free. I was lucky enough to have him review my own biker-related novel , Red, White & Blues on a few months back. I cherish his book and it is an important addition to my biker book collection!

BTW-I would LOVE to have chopcult review MY book! It happens to be FREE right now (through 10/15) on Amazon if you have a Kindle device. I can also send you (reviewer) a hard copy if you'd prefer.

Check out "Red, White & Blues" by L.V. Sage on Amazon for more info. I also have two related pages on Facebook: L.V. Sage and Red, White & Blues. You can "Like" them for more info as well.



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