Boogie East Chopper Show


The times of old-style chopper shows and parties are long gone and although we believe that some of the shows that are put on today are the same as those old ones, most of these are still missing certain elements. The old days were simple times when garage builders would bring out their spectacular creations and share their work with their like-minded brothers. There was no competition nor animosity, but rather a true sense of brotherhood. Everyone commended one another on their hard work and craftsmanship and celebrated by partying and enjoying the company of people who would appreciate the work and time put into the old bikes.



The Boogie East Chopper Show brought back those times in every aspect possible. The founders Richard Minino, Scott Hoepker, and Rob Clague knew they wanted to put on a true old school, no-bullshit chopper show that Daytona had not seen in a very long time, and that is exactly what they did. Their vision was to recreate those times where the only thing that mattered was enjoying the motorcycles and the people who love them. They picked a spot, which was a little bar by the name of Annie Oakley’s Saloon in Ormond Beach, Florida. This was a perfect location for the show, with a great vibe, not to mention right off the main highway leading to Destination Daytona.



The morning started off with the invited builders setting up their bikes and the brotherhood was present from the very beginning. The vendors and band setup, and you could feel the excitement in the air. The show was definitely off to a great start. As the show started progressing, the bikes started pouring in by the hundreds and there were definitely some killer ride-in choppers to look at. The invited builder section had some top-notch bikes from around the country, which included builders like Bill Dodge and Jake and Zach Hindes of Prism Supply Co., along with other amazing builders and their creations. The crowd vibe was awesome and everyone had a great time drinking, laughing, and socializing with each other and with the builders and vendors.



As the day progressed, national outfits such as Cycle Source and J&P Cycles interviewed some of the builders and did live broadcasting of the show. There were plenty of photographers onsite capturing images of the bikes present and one of the best, Michael Lichter, was also present doing what he does best.


Photos by George Hart / @geocorazon


This show proved to be an overall hit, not only with the builders, but with the people in attendance as well. The Boogie East Chopper Show is definitely going to be a show that will be revered by those people looking for a taste of that old vibe chopper show while in Daytona in the years to come. If you are looking for a show that offers a taste of vintage motorcycles and a back-in-the-day vibe, plan on attending this show next year, you won’t be disappointed.

-Jason / @motopsycho73

Photos by George Hart / @geocorazon


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Commented on 6-1-2017 At 02:00 pm

Def one of the best shows in Daytona! This will be "THE" bike show to attend every year. Couldn't have picked a better venue to have it at. The only thing missing was food!

Commented on 6-4-2017 At 07:28 am

Killer show, glad we could be a part of the first annual!

Commented on 10-26-2017 At 09:08 am

We are beginning our planning for 2018. Going to be a great show. Several show bike in the works being built to debut at Boogie East!

Also looking forward to the Biltwell Bash at Robison's Cycle, The Lowdown Hoedown at Hold Fast Tattoo, and of course Chopper Time at Willie's Tropical Tattoo.

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