Barnstorm Cycles/SPCL 79 Sporty Project: Part 2


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Our Sportster project is sitting here all pretty with the stock rear section still intact. Since we’re doing a couple hardtail sections on some Evo Sportsters, we decided to fab up a motor dummy fixture that will maintain the stock motor mount locations while we cut off the rear section to make room for the new Led Sled hardtail going in its place. On most frame jobs of this nature, the motor itself would be used as a fixture, but our motor’s being prepped for the 1200 kit while we do the hardtail.


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sportster hardtail 077


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Before bolting in the motor dummy fixture, we took some measurements from a piece of drill rod fastened to the motor mount of the Led Sled hardtail so that it protrudes past the top plane of the backbone. The drill rod gives us a nice fixed point to measure the backbone length where the slug begins on the hardtail so we can transfer that measurement to the stock frame for cutting. The lower frame rails on the hardtail are measured from the lower rear motor mount to the slug beginnings and that length is also transferred to the stock frame. We leave 1/8-inch more tubing on the stock frame cut lines so we can dial in the fit precisely. Better to cut too long than to cut too short. Bolt in the motor dummy nice and snug, fire up the Porta-Band, Sawzall, or cutoff wheel and have at it. Have someone pull on the frame when you get close to cutting through the tubing to keep your tool from binding.


sportster hardtail 036


sportster hardtail 049


sportster hardtail 051


sportster hardtail 058


sportster hardtail 065


Once the stock rear section is cut off, we test fit the new hardtail and see what fine tuning is required to achieve the desired fit. Once we’re happy with the fit, we remove the hardtail, drill at least three staggered plug weld holes on each section of tubing on the front frame section where the hardtail slugs slide in, then de-burr and chamfer all tube ends before welding. Re-install the hardtail, bolt to the motor dummy securely, and fire up the welder to plug weld in all drilled plug holes. After those have cooled we TIG up the chamfered seams where the new hardtail meets the stock front section. I usually weld one-quarter of the circumference of the tubing at a time, moving symmetrically so the welds pull equally while cooling. That could be complete overkill, but at this point it’s a habit. Let it cool, pull the motor dummy out of the newly welded frame, and start bolting on your chopper goodies for mock-up. 


sportster hardtail 042


sportster hardtail 043


sportster hardtail 034


You can see part 1 of this feature at Barnstorm Cycles/SPCL'79 Sporty Project Part 1

SPCL’79 and Barnstorm Cycles

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Commented on 9-6-2012 At 05:26 am

Looking Good!!

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 07:36 am

Very nice. This is exactly the type of information that makes the internet indispensable when trying something yourself for the first time.

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 07:43 am

Beautiful work as always, Jay.

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 08:26 am

Great article!

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 08:41 am

it looks awesome

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 09:33 am

Very nice!!!! Is that the 2 or 4 inch stretch hardtail?

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 12:50 pm


Commented on 9-6-2012 At 12:50 pm

Great write up. Very helpful. Looking forward to seeing this bike complete.

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 04:32 pm

great stuff! i would love to come by your shop and check out your operation. thanks for sharing

Commented on 9-6-2012 At 04:35 pm


Commented on 9-7-2012 At 01:59 pm

Lookin good. Killer write up. Can't wait to see more!

Commented on 9-12-2012 At 04:26 am

Thanks for the kind words people. Here's a couple video clips taken during the process.

Commented on 9-13-2012 At 11:15 am

Awesome write up.

Commented on 9-21-2012 At 06:41 am

fecking love it !

Commented on 9-25-2012 At 02:34 pm

Nice work man.

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