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I had the opportunity to meet Darren Williams while working at the Limpnickie Lot during Daytona Bike Week back in 2010. The Limpnickie Lot catered to the garage builder and offered the tools and services to do so. It housed some of the best up-and-coming fabricators, leather crafters, and painters. Led Sled Customs and Bare Knuckle Choppers were showcasing their latest builds which Darren had painted. Six years later, Darren is as busy as ever and continues to paint for Pat Patterson and Paul Wideman. Please take a moment to meet my talented friend, Darren Williams.


Photo credit Michael Lichter

Name: Darren Williams

Age: 47

Business: Liquid Illusions


Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a pretty low-maintenance person, leading an active life on the go; like spending time with family and friends. I play as hard as I work. And like to keep it balanced. I really like filmmaking and editing its a very cool medium to work in. Obviously, I like motorcycles, cars, and dirt bikes. And I'm a bit of a food dork as well.


When do you feel that art become a part of your life? Looking back I think it was probably when I was 8. My mom signed me up on Saturdays to draw with college art students at a local museum for a couple hours each weekend. That and painting with Bob Ross on Saturday mornings!


How did painting motorcycles come about? Well, I have always been around a bodyshop that my stepdad owned coming up; cars and bikes have kinda been there my whole life. It was around 1998 that I was perusing a freelance illustration career and working part-time at the bodyshop. One day a friend of my sister had seen some artwork I had done for her and expressed that he would like to have me paint his bike. When they first asked I declined and said I hadn't run an airbrush since high school and didn't currently own one. Well, after a long back-and-forth, an airbrush was forced into my hand, padded with hundred dollar bills. After finishing his paint job, I painted a few other bikes by way of referral and it just kinda took off and I’m still at it to this day.



Do you have an all-time favorite paint job? The one on that ceiling in the church is pretty sweet.


What is the most important tool in your shop? My brain.


What is your least favorite tool? Sanding block or buffer.


Most builds are created through collaborations. Do you prefer to have a client give you full range or do you prefer if they are involved in the process? I like it when they just send the tins, a pic of the bike with the check, and say “Call me when it’s done”.



Do you own a motorcycle? Yes, I have my everyday rider, "blue", and a new bike I've been building.


Who inspires you today and why? This is a tough question to answer; I draw inspiration from so many resources. It's never one thing it's like a Photoshop file with lots of layers. Any other thought gets created through that filter. I know, it's weird. But to answer the question I guess anyone being innovative seeing people use their minds is very inspiring to me.


What type of music do you listen in the shop? Everything from Abba to Zeppelin.



What would you consider a perfect day? Sorry, I can't describe the perfect day there may be kids reading this. But I'll tell ya this much, I live to spray another day.


What is your best, have to go, can’t be missed, local establishment, and why? Quick Trip. ‘Cause I need gas and a doughnut.


Any plans for 2016 that you would like to discuss? 2016 is almost over I hope we don't end up with an idiot in the white house taking us off a cliff. It may be too late tho’.



Anyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank my family and friends for all their support over the years. I would like to thank god for making weed, I also would like to thank all the great builders, craftsman, painters, and photographers that I've had the chance to work with. Big thanks to all the magazines that support the shop and the stuff I've painted since the beginning. Thank you all.  



Check out Darren's world here, Website / Facebook / Instagram

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Commented on 11-14-2016 At 10:36 pm

this work is unreal!

Commented on 11-15-2016 At 07:02 am

One of the best dudes in the industry and glad to call him a friend

Commented on 11-15-2016 At 07:10 am

I've had a couple bikes and a bass guitar painted by Darren and his shit's legit! He also drew several tshirt designs for me when I used to run the minibike races. Awesome dude.

Commented on 11-15-2016 At 03:29 pm

Good read until he brought politics into it!

Commented on 11-17-2016 At 12:48 am

Solid guy!! Always fun to hang out with.

Commented on 11-18-2016 At 10:45 am

One of the most talented artists I know and a very good human !!!

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