April Fuels 2018

Waking up to a crisp 38 degree morning (with a stiff neck and back from the 292 mile journey to Edinburgh, Indiana the day before) I, for one, was glad we were all crammed in a Red Roof motel room that smelled like stale beer and faint cigarette smoke, listening to snoring and stifled voices, and not camping. The toilet paper-covered chopper sitting out front in the line up told a story of the night before, making our presence known to all of the motel guests, some of which couldn’t quite understand where the 12” dildo suction-cupped to Room 112 blossomed from…It’s spring in Indy- it’s April Fuels.



We set off to nurse our headaches and get our bellies full at the Waffle House, and it was time to hit the curvy back roads that Cooker hand-picked for the 41 adventurous bikes and riders, that made a substantial visual impact as we rode into the otherwise deserted parking lot of Mann’s H-D. The diversity of bikes and riders made conversation engaging as we walked around meeting everyone, from full touring baggers, to stripped down evo chops and cafes, with a sprinkling of panhead, shovel, and even one ironhead. But what you couldn’t see with the naked eye, was the common thread, the underlying love and brotherhood we all shared. As the events of the day unfolded, without a doubt, I was riding with family. As the sun crept up in the perfectly blue sky, we got the rundown on this well-planned ride, made last call, and hit the hills for the first 60 mile leg. The wind stayed strong and cold for the entire day, blowing the puffy white clouds across the picturesque canvas of Southern Indy, making it a challenge to do much else but hold on and ride through twists and turns adorned with sparkling waterfalls, streams, and the fresh smells of cut grass and nature.



The FXD/FXR/DYNA love was strong with this crowd, as one after another zoomed by to re-take the lead and block the next intersection for the group- Long stretches of flat two lane created the perfect avenue for these nasty little devils to speed up and catch the front of the meandering, but closely-grouped pack. Effortlessly the bikes flowed up and down over and around the strolling hills and valleys, creating a symphony of exhaust and throttle decels, painting a picture prettier than the happiest tree with chrome glistening for miles in the high afternoon sun.



April Fuels is a run; a ride. Not a show. This isn’t a good place to bring a bike that won’t run,and run well. Nobody told my ironhead this, and halfway to the first gas stop, she had to take a nap. Pulling up and offering help almost immediately were the smiling faces in the chase truck funded by donations from the riders who bought t-shirts and patches - for this very reason. We got her loaded and to the next stop, where another rider offered up the last quart of 60 weight (see what I mean about brothers?). The emergency stop was so well organized, it took no time from the riders who were in front, and no imposition for the riders who were…. wait….weren’t there more bikes behind us?? One of our speedy friends took a slip in some gravel coming around one of the twisties, clipped a guard rail, and took a spill. Two riders went down, and a group stopped to help. The trusty chase truck went off, yet again, to pick up the downed bike.


Photos by Benny Stucker


Luckily there were no major injuries, just confirmation, that year after year, April Fuels is prepared to handle whatever you can throw at it, with the well organized, thought-out plans in place, most in attendance had no idea anything had happened until we regrouped at Caudillio’s Pizza in Rising Sun for fresh slices of delicious pie. Eventually, we were all ready to head back through the beautiful meandering roads that South Eastern Indiana offered.


Photos by Benny Stucker


Overall, if you want to experience ‘200’ miles of some of the best views, roads, and people that the midwest has to offer in the Spring- you HAVE to check this ride out. No one can promise it won’t rain- or be frigidly cold, but I can promise you a kick-ass good time with true blue brothers and sisters.-Amy


Photos by Benny Stucker / Website / @bigmfbenny

Words by Amy Sue Sporty / @amysuesporty

April Fuels / Cooker / #aprilfuels

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Commented on 7-16-2018 At 12:58 pm

This sounds interesting.
Is this going to happen again in 2019?
How many day event of riding again?
Is there any camping out involved?
Can you give ample warning as to when the next one happens.

Commented on 7-16-2018 At 01:24 pm

10scDust... Thanks for the interest.. At this time yeah we are still planning 2019 which will be our fifth year at this.. There will be ample time before to make plans and we are split 50 50 on camping or making it a two day event. So far this is a one day event.

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