Andrew Gassman's Midnight Witch


Troll me if I’m wrong, but choppers should fundamentally be stripped down to their bare essentials. Cut out all the bells, whistles, speedos, and comfort. This is also the way I would describe my friend, Andrew Gassman.



Heart of gold and hungry for miles, Andrew is one of the few people I’ve traveled with that brings nothing more than a jacket, tattered blanket, and extra belt for his drive chain. Add a case of beers and a tool roll, and he’s a happy camper.



I met Andrew a few years back through some childhood friends. He’s one of the guys that got me interested in motorcycles and is always there to help out his buddies through builds and breakdowns. When he’s not working on his bike or lending a hand to others, he spends a ton of time riding his cone shovel chop. This daily rider, the Midnight Witch, is a living project which seems to change every time I see it. There are always new little parts, sometimes a few fewer parts, and always a feeling that this machine is an extension of its owner. -Alec



Owner/Builder: Andrew Gassman

ChopCult member: Foreverchaos82



Frame/Chassis: Started as 1980 FXE Neck raked a few hairs Crazy Frank fender

Motor/Mods: 1980 Shovelhead - 80CI Stroker CV Carb Ratchettop trans Supermax belt drive 23 tooth trans sprocket/49 tooth wheel sprocket Upsweeps made with help from FI Customs



Front End: Wide Glide 12” over Forking by Frank tubes Low Z bars 21’ front wheel with twisted spokes



Paint: Painted tank and fender - purple metal flake flames on black by Karl’s Kustom Paint



Thank you to FI Customs, Rado and Gary for always being there to lend a hand, brainstorm, and help make cool things a reality. Bone Daddy and Karl’s Kustom Paint for always doing killer paint jobs, and on short notice. My girlfriend Lauren for always wanting to go riding, whom I annoy 24/7 talking about choppers, and who holds the light for me when I’m fixing my bike in a parking lot haha. Kyle Post, John Jorgensen, and Dottie for always wanting to ride anywhere and everywhere. Sam Long for being there when you need him, and for being a dangus. Brian from Tramps Vintage Choppers for hanging out. Jimmy Yeaman for making cool stuff and always keeping the party going. Tramps Vintage Choppers for always riding and bringing a good time. The Ottawa/Streator guys and gals for being stoked to go hang out and ride! Bander for saving me when my ignition coil blew. Lucky Knuckes Garage. Al and Heavy clothing for voting best bike at The Happening show. And last but not least Alec Ozawa for taking the time to do a feature of my bike. -Andrew



Article and photos by Alec Ozawa  / @alecozawa

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Commented on 10-3-2018 At 11:07 am

Gangster leanin

Commented on 10-4-2018 At 08:05 am

fucking rad dude ! alec you my BOO. build them to go not show !!
Tramps Vintage Chopper ! thank for the mention brothers !

Commented on 10-8-2018 At 09:18 pm

Good looking Shovel.
Still don't know how you guys can ride in the wet without some sort of a front mudguard.

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