An Undoubted Power


Evan Edwards owns Plymouth Cycle and Speed near Detroit. He's been in business for more than 10 years now and offer everything from maintenance, service and dyno tuning to full engine builds and ground up customs. 


Photos by Trish Horstman



This bike was built with minimal tools and parts that were lying around the shop.  We wanted to build the bike like it would have been built in the early 70s.  Something that could be maintained by anyone and ridden hard. We started building it around Halloween and finished New Year’s Day.  The bike was a surprise for Idar and he still hasn’t seen it in person.  Idar and his wife, Heather, visit us every year and we wanted them to have something cool to ride while in town. The bike has an asymmetrical theme.  Half of the bike has polished stainless round-bar welded to the tanks.  The wheels are solid coated on one side and have polished lip on the other.  The headlight eyebrow has speed holes on only half.  There are a few parts of brass added throughout to break up the black and silver.  Rear fender was a stock Night Train fender that was narrowed and reshaped to fit.  Rear shocks were disassembled and new bump stops added so we could set the fender height and still have some travel.  Bars are two-piece and held together by the factory clamp and a brass collar.  Trish, my fiancée, painted a tree on the tank that was inspired by one of Idar’s favorite artists from Norway, Theodor Kittelsen.  The cylinders were cleaned up and I removed the first 4 cooling fins to give it a more traditional race look. We cut and reshaped the stock pipes to match the line of the oil tank. The tips were made in-house on the lathe with a torch and forming tool. This bike was a blast to build and I can’t wait for Idar and Heather to see it in person.  This is how these bikes should have looked from the factory!!  



Owner name:  Idar Halvorsen From: Moss, Norway.

Builder: Evan Edwards/Plymouth Cycle and Speed.



Bike name: Em Utvilsom Makt -  “An Undoubted Power”.

Make: 1970 XLH 900 cc with turned down cooling fins on the cylinders.

Frame: Stock 1970 XLH frame.



Front end: Shortened 33.4 mm stock front end Chassis mods.

Strut angle changed to match swing arm angle.

Front wheel: 19” stock high shoulder aluminum wheel. Rear wheel: 18” stock high shoulder aluminum wheel.



Special thanks to Matt Willyard for all the help and late nights.  He is a great guy that is doing some really cool builds and does some really nice sheet metal work.  He helped make this bike come together. Trish Horstman did the seat, and the art work on the tanks and overall help on the project.  She is a true artist and I couldn’t do much in life without her by my side. Nate, Ryan, Bill and John also put time in on this bike.  It's good guys like these that let me do what I do.  Thanks a ton!!!


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Commented on 4-21-2014 At 06:47 pm

Wow, truly unique,original project.

Commented on 4-22-2014 At 04:09 am

Those bars are badass. Good job Evan, bike looks great!

Commented on 4-22-2014 At 06:42 pm

Sweet build and great gesture for a good friend!

Commented on 4-23-2014 At 10:22 pm

What are those bars?
and very nice project man

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