Alien Run 2017


Donned in our probe-proof silver suits, we began our journey out to Rachel, NV for another showdown between worlds. Alien Run this year seeped in rumors of intergalactic anarchy and supernal spoliation. Whatever lay in wait for us in the Nevada desert, we shall be prepared to bring the sky down into the gutter with the rest of us. As the day progressed, reinforcements continued to ride in to take part in the action.


One of my favorite parts of Alien Run is its simplicity. It is just one big hangout, focused simply on motorcycles and camping with friends, old and new. I will say this year though, the game was upped, and that was obvious when seeing the new and improved Brobot and the slip-n-slide on steroids. Few were courageous enough to climb the mountain of dirt to gracefully plow into a pool of water akin to the Tijuana River. A definite highlight of the weekend.



Another rumor spread around was that Brent and Allen had a little surprise up their sleeves for the Brobot. I recall hearing the warning “you DO NOT want to miss this.” Well, they did not disappoint. As we all huddled around the Brobot fire pit guessing amongst ourselves about what was about to happen. The curiosity only escalated as we kept getting ushered further and further away for “safety reasons.” With the scientifically formulated perimeter marked off, we counted down…3...2...1...WHAT THE FUCK!!! The explosion that kicked off the party and inevitable galactic assault left me deaf and ready to party. The night only got crazier from there on out as the fireworks were unloaded. The property of A’Le’Inn looked like a war zone as I dodged exploding mortars and rogue flairs trying to document this clusterfuck of pure fun and anarchy.



Thanks again to Allen and Brent for throwing another great party and I can not wait for next year to come already. Another giant thank you to Connie and everyone at Little A’Le’Inn for continuing to let us do our thing and hosting.

Nick /@nfaught_photography

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