Alex Cardone's Triumph Chopper


Few home builders in today's low-budget scene craft better-looking machines from humbler tools and donor stock than Alex Cardone from Lake Elsinore, California. This isn't the first Cordone creation on ChopCult—that honor belongs to his CB750—but it certainly boasts a wild pedigree. Alex's unit Triumph came to him like an unloved mutt, bruised, beaten and badly in need of some TLC. With the patience of a zen master our lanky friend psychically willed this feral beast to life.

People who see the custom parts Alex and his brother Renato fab by hand are always amazed by their precision and style. When Alex demonstrates the Rube Goldberg contraptions he cobbles to craft his parts, most people stumble out of his spartan garage in utter disbelief. Exhibit A: the clevis ends on his hand-built fork. Alex doesn't have a lathe, so he chucked up each clevis in a drill motor and spun them against a belt sander until they slipped tightly into the ends of their DOM tubes. The process took days, but like most home builders, Alex has nothing but time.

Exhibit B: that shiny Triumph motor. When it was time to dive into this part of his project, Alex watched every second of Wes White's 4-hour magnum opus. Show the man a sludge trap and he'll flinch like a battered beagle, but with patience and precision Alex raised his British basket case like a phoenix from the ashes.



Bike name: The Last Triumph

Frame make and model: The frame's a one-off that was built by an Elsinore tweaker. I modified the neck

Motor size, model and year: '63 Triumph bottom end with 750 cc JRC big bore kit, 9-bolt head and stock valves

Front wheel specs: 19" Excel aluminum rim with IRC tire

Rear wheel specs: 16" Akront laced to an early '70s conical hub with IRC 130 tire

Custom-fabbed parts: I built the fork. It's 12 over, and I made the clevises and axle rockers from scratch. My brother Renato helped with with the stainless-steel pipes. Other bits include the mid controls, license plate bracket and basic fabrication. Oh, I built the motor!

Thanks: To my wife Cindy for putting up with this childish chopper phase I'm going through, and to Duane Ballard for doing the badass seat. Of cours,e thanks to my brother Renato for doing the paint and helping with other important stuff. This thing's for sale and I don't spend much time on the Internet, so if you want to make an offer give me a call! (951) 226-7653

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Commented on 3-7-2011 At 07:43 am

Very nice. Shows us garage builders just what can be done.

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 07:56 am

digging those pipes. Cool bike!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 08:20 am

Very cool. Thanks for featuring a true "garage" built bike. Nice to see what can be done with a little patience. Not all of us are equipped like the "pros"!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 08:56 am

No word to describe it right now...WOW ....

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 01:52 pm

That's one good looking Trumpet... good looking Heeler too!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 03:25 pm

Badass Scoot!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 03:43 pm

how much for the dog?

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 03:57 pm

my lady really wants a trump chop like this now...thanks for settin the bar so high, damn!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 04:26 pm

One word, Class

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 04:42 pm

Great bike!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 07:51 pm

Too bad it's already built, so there's no way to do a build thread :-(

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 08:05 pm

Very nice! Good job Scott!

Commented on 3-7-2011 At 08:07 pm

These are the exact type of builds we used to write about at GarageChoppers. Home built, with innovative ways, using what is at hand to achieve the ultimate ride. Fantastic job.

Commented on 3-8-2011 At 09:37 am

Love that bike. I was thinking of that same paint scheme on my coffin tank. Guess I will change it now. Looks tough though.

Commented on 3-8-2011 At 06:15 pm

Love the sled nice work! Say the kick stand did you make it or pick it up some were? I need a short kick like that for my Trump.

Commented on 3-8-2011 At 08:01 pm

hey robie the kick stand came off a 78 cb 750 that i cut a few inches off turnd the foot around and shaped it

Commented on 3-8-2011 At 10:19 pm

Super cool bike, even cooler guy!! Alex and his brother are top notch guys, alot of people should take notes from these two. They are some of the nicest and most humble guys you'll meet in the bike world and they turn out some really fucking killer bikes from their garages! Very nicely done.

Commented on 3-9-2011 At 09:07 am

These guys rule!!!!! They show that you don't need fancy tools to build an awesome scoot, and that hard work always pays off. Congrats pro.

Commented on 3-13-2011 At 07:55 pm

very cool clean bike. Great job using what you have to get the job done.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 02:24 pm

wow great bike. I love the oil tank

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 02:24 pm

wow great bike. I love the oil tank

Commented on 7-14-2011 At 03:01 pm

Does anyone know the stretch on that front end?

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