A User's Guide for New ChopCult Members is a place where guys who build and ride custom motorcycles can share ideas, facts, opinions and photographs in an open, friendly forum. While we get stoked on practically every kind of two-wheeled vehicle and riding experience imaginable, ChopCult is first and foremost a place for people who rebuild and respect classic American, British, European and Japanese iron. If you love choppers, you'll feel right at home.

To get the most mileage out of your ChopCult experience, please take a moment to create your member profile. Doing so is necessary to participate in the ChopCult forum, sell goods or services in the ChopCult classifieds, and to earn ChopCult miles.


ChopCult Miles?

ChopCult miles are our way of rewarding members for their participation on the site. Think of ChopCult miles like Marlboro bucks without the phlegm, or MasterCard rewards without the 21.9% APR. The more you do on ChopCult, the faster you'll clock miles on your odometer. Go here to see all the cool free stuff that's available.


Home Page

The navigation bar on the ChopCult home page lists every feature on the site. These include news and blog feed archives, the PhotoDump, a super-rich Classifieds section, a comprehensive forum, the ChopCult community and two online stores: a Cash store and the ChopCult Miles store mentioned earlier.


News Archive

Every time a news feature, scene report, product review or personality profile breaks on ChopCult, you'll see it on the home page first. When these stories fall off the home page, they'll be saved in the news archive. This section is searchable by subject, author and other criteria.



The Chopcult BlogDump is similar to an RSS feed, but much richer, more searchable, and more relevant to today's chopper scene. We've selected a dozen authors from every corner of the blogosphere to share their images and insight on ChopCult, and their newest blogs will appear on the home page first.

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Comment with Chopcult (27)

Commented on 7-31-2009 At 08:26 am

weeeeeeeeeee! here we go!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 02:47 am

Boogie woogie!!!!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 05:39 am

This is great

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 08:55 am

So COMPLETELY stoked with this!!! And here I was going to waste my Saturday by drinking and watching TV.

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 09:49 am

so, IS there an RSS feed?

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 10:01 am

Look to your left, right there beneath the recent articles summary... see the RSS feed icon? Click it and you're good to go, brother (or you can just bookmark the Cult and visit us every day…)

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 03:23 pm

So hyped chopcult has launched!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 05:53 pm

This looks like the start of something great!!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 11:19 pm


Commented on 8-2-2009 At 01:53 am

This is GR-R-REAT!

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 02:51 am

The wait is over! Dig it!!

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 06:19 am

Blast Off!

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 12:56 pm

Whats up my fellow Douche Nozzles and Grease Monkeys...Site looks Bitchin!

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 02:50 pm

What a great f'n pic I got. You all gotta be jealous. Now lets see what this place has.

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 03:41 pm

This place is the awesome

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 12:36 am

love how you can post pics and have profiles...nice add on...this sites awesome

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 04:40 pm

This place is so cool! Its every thing cool, all in one place.

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 04:41 pm

This place is so cool! Its every thing cool, all in one place.

Commented on 8-5-2009 At 07:26 pm

Fuck yeah!

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 10:59 am

thanks dude!

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 10:37 pm


Commented on 11-14-2009 At 04:39 pm

I love this site.......chop cult rules x

Commented on 12-23-2009 At 10:31 pm

I love this shit. Chop or die!

Commented on 6-23-2010 At 03:33 pm

love the site, its on my favorites.

Commented on 2-5-2011 At 06:17 pm

a lot of good people here

Commented on 2-9-2011 At 11:09 am

Try the koolAid!

Commented on 8-25-2013 At 07:29 am


Glad to have found it.


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