A Peek Into The Grand National Roadster Show


The Grand National Roadster Show is the premier event for the automotive industry. From the pristine 1957 Bel Air to a custom car being built for James Hetfield, if there's a car of your dreams you'll probably find it here. Inside 8 buildings you can lay your eyes on every car imagineable and the attention to detail is overwhelming. One would wonder why we would be covering such an event. The main reason is tucked away in building six you find the custom motorcycles competing for America"s Most Beautiful Motorcycle. After months of building, for some years, this is the place to be acknowledge for your hard work and determination. Congratulations to all who entered and to Sam Baldi, who took home the convented award. We would also like to congratulate Cole Foster of Salinas Boys Customs for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

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Commented on 2-7-2013 At 12:01 pm

nice. which bike is sam baldis? the pear panhead?

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 12:04 pm

The engraved bike is Art.

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 12:22 pm

Sam's bike is the in the fourth row from the bottom 2-4 photo. It was difficult to get a overall shot of the bike with the crowd.

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 01:15 pm

Thanks for the pics.

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 03:14 pm

Thank you for sharing this.

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 06:27 pm

some fine rolling art! applause to the craftsmen who created all these bikes! thanks for sharing.

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 06:48 pm

Lots of great bikes,thanks for the show

Commented on 2-7-2013 At 11:19 pm

love getting to see all of Kaylins original Denvers with these, stoked to get my shovel painted by him great guy and true enthusiast

Commented on 2-8-2013 At 05:22 am

That engraved bike is absolutely ridiculous. Some pure rolling artwork out there. Wish I could've been there.

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